Thursday, 25 February 2010


So why can't men just allow women to have their fantasies? I mean, look at how many men's magazines there are with half naked women on the cover.

As soon as we talk about Twilight and eternal love, the reaction is pah! It's not just men who have this reaction but a lot really seem to have a problem with it. The problem I have with their problem is..they don't live and let live. I've noticed they get quite aggresive. I just wonder not having spent much time with males, thank God I have to say at the moment, is this just part of them being male? Is it true, is it their testosterone?

I've seen men be quite manipulative. Not just men obviously but I have noticed they go further than a woman when they see something and someone they like or when they see something or someone they hate. This is an observation and if you're a man reading this, I don't include you in this automatically just because you are a man. However, you've spent time with your guy friends, is it the testosterone in your group? Is it competition?

It just makes me nauseous. I can't be around humans like this. I switch off and have to bury my head in my hands.

I was reading about how modern women are more choosy in their mate? Are you kidding me? If the choosy "demands" are a decent job with decent salary, a certain level of power, non scruffy clothes, healthy body- appearance, then to me that is just a basic human requirement. We are turned on by different things but to me it's acceptable to look in a mate you want to start a family with or build something with, to have these so called demands. Whilst I draw the line at choosing footballers or businessmen with yachts or men over 6ft with a full head of hair, I can understand women who would do that. That may be sexism and I think men who do not fit society's requirements get treated as badly as women but women do have it that bit tougher.

You can get a man with acne who has girlfriend because he's strong, fit and tough but a woman with acne? If a women does not wear any make up, she will get far more comments and rejection. My point; more emphasis on the way a woman looks and it borders on perfection with women not just with women by other women but by men also. They may like "curves" but they also turn their noses up and pretend to be Brad Pitt amongst women who don't have long hair or big eyes. I don't and I have to look in the opposite direction so I don't make the mistake of a meeting a man's gaze. And mistake it has been on all occassions in the past distant and not so distant. And I'm not just talking from my experience. I hear what men gossip about when I'm out...not about me by the way..They can be with their wives or have a child, but they don't seem to have softened. I find their attitudes and they have them, repulsive.

And men on forums not even dating site forums but movie forums, interactive general networking ones, my God the things I have read. I won't even repeat them.

Now when a man chooses a woman he may want a woman with fairly good skin and atheletic limbs and thick hair and again I understand. And again I draw the line at men who go further to flawless skin, long legs and very very full hair even fake, but I also understand their choices. It's just again it comes back to the difference of having that aggresiveness in going after what you want, and not having that so much. Do women tend to show more remorse?

I know we don't have objectify as much as men do. I've heard men talking about a woman as though she's ugh. That's it, just ugh. But a woman will say more things about a man who she may find "ugly." Like, he's more than that but a woman is not.

Of course there are men half naked in advertisments and woman with life size posters of Taylor Lautner topless, and our lust can be aggressive too. And it's going the absolute wrong way by giving as good as we're getting on a superficial level only.

I've been thinking about women who pose topless and do the men's magazine shoots. Now, I think this is part of sexuality. To show. Sometimes we want to and sometimes we want to be dominant in that. But why is it so much more women than we see more publications of a man grabbing his cock than a woman grabbing her boobs? The answer we already know.

Is sexism going to go away? Only if we are absolutely honest and dissect everything. Is it important? Yes. It's going to change our world.

My own demands; I NEVER want to mate with someone who has sexist views and will not change them. I must have a man who sees beauty beyond society and doesn't categorise in terms of looks OR personality. I must have someone who can get excited about a woman as a human being. That's whom I want children from. And I'll be honest that is my idea of perfection. I will give him my heart, body and soul. Till then, I will give only my body (because I'm a pervert and sex is very important to me) and if I want to raise a child, I will go through adoption, something that has been on my mind lately. I'm never going to settle when it comes to love or lust. I know how to take care of my lust and I am very willing to explore the BDSM scene and get whipped every Friday or do the whipping myself who knows.

When it comes to love? I know I may fall in love but I won't be united with anyone I fall in love with unless I find he is not sexist in the slightest. A tall order? Too fussy? Too demanding? "That's just the way it is."

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