Thursday, 4 February 2010

I know it's not cool to do this but I want to talk about my story Irrepressible.

I don't know where I'm going with it. That's my usual thing. But of course the story is erotic. (if a little difficult to spell the title). I also want it to be taboo. More taboo than taboo. Just because I want Julie my character to be opened up. In ways she doesn't even like. I'm not going to endear her to people. She's's all there for you to see in the uncoolest ways. I've decided to have a bad boy in this story. You know, bad boys. I was thinking about this earlier. The librarian and the bad boy. But now I think I actually do want him to ride a motorcycle. I want to have that cliche and play around with it. Play around with him. I have plans. It's just expressing them in my writing. I'd much rather be doing you know, that's my problem. Here's what I have for today Sirs and Ms's.

Go home. Go home. Go home. She came alive there. Julie was more comfortable there than here in the library. She had a history with public places.

"You're an idiot, that space was mine." Julie looked up to the voice that said this. A man with short dark hair walked past her. He was dressed top to toe in black leather, he rode a motorcycle. She couldn't help it, it was all the leather, she ogled him. Someone should tell you it's rude to stare. She imagined leather boy roughly whispered that across her neck. Stop, girl, just stop. This is not like you.

Funny thing though, he didn't look that angry. Or even a little angry. She studied him. He glanced at her. She looked away. She didn't want to take the chance. He could be dangerous, a psychopath, a killer, or someone who ties women to trees and whips them lovingly. He could be wearing a leather thong. That wasn't sexy. Yes it was.

She banged her head down against the book she pretended to read. Once upon a time she actually went to libraries to read. Now, she daydreamed. Be it whilst driving, whilst in the shower, whilst walking to walk, she had so many fantasies.

And has any one of them been fullfilled?

No she replied to that voice.

Taking a breath, she looked around. She should put up a sign and go for a wander around the library. Margaret was supposed to be back from her break right now. Was she taking advantage of her quiet nature? What a bitch.

Julie's ass was numb. God, of all the things to be numb. It should be burning, didn't take much to get her pussy aroused though. Or her tits.

"Julie, you okay?"

Oh yeah. "Sure." Margaret was standing next to her, one hand on her shoulder. Julie smiled at her. Like, she didn't need another reason for someone to feel sorry for her.


"You look like you could use a hot drink, you're so pale."

The library could really use some dim lights. "I'll go get one. See you in a few." She smiled to Margaret.

God sometimes she wanted someone to close her mouth. Julie smiled too much. Way too much.

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