Monday, 22 February 2010

More Slowburn.

"Please, please I can't wait, I want your mouth on my tits, Mike, make me beg if you want, I will. I'll crawl those stairs and swing my arse out for you. I'll make a real show. It's only because I WANT you."

"I tasted blood Mel from when I crushed your lips." He looked into her eyes but his hand still possessed her breast.

Bring that up. "I don't care." She moaned those words taking his lips with hers.

He pushed her against the wall.

"Shit." It took her by surprise and yeah it hurt.

"You want to hurt me?" She asked him. "I mean realy hurt me? Look at me." She whispered. But he wouldn't. His eyes were on the floor.

If we don't have communication we have SHIT! She was angry AT HELL at him. For pushing her, for not communicating with her.

She started to cry. Well, some people were in touch with their emotions. She thought he was okay too, yeah he had control issues, perfectionist issues, everyone had fucking issues but she loved him. And he was not letting her in. She saw him through her tears. But she couldn't call him cowardly because he was so much a part of her and it didn't feel like she could really call him anything.

She walked away. She started walking up the stairs. The stairs she was going to crawl nude up, except her nude body was straight as a stick, she could have pissed on those stairs, she didn't care. She felt very human and very vulnerable.

She saw his room and her tears worsened. He had put on the same coloured sheets as the night he made love to her. They were face to face and he had loved her with this fingers and then whilst in his handcuffs, her wrists tied to HIS bed, he wanted in her pussy and came inside her. Whatever happened, it was that day that she looked into his eyes and saw something that she could not even begin to describe.

"I'm going to lie on your sheets, on your bed, facing the ceiling. There maybe no handcuffs, but it will take a saw to remove my hands from your bed, baby." She was going to wait for him when he came back. Take his time. He could do what he had to do. His control would die today.

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