Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Slowburn continued more

Michael's cock was hard, stiff, the head was wet already. It was red. Mel looked at him and he looked like his cock looked, so ready to have come hours ago. He'd been waiting a week to get inside, his cock had been waiting a week to be inside her pussy. It was weird and perhaps she was wrong but she trusted his fidelity. She did wonder about things like this but..now was not the time.

She loved his cock. She loved the fact it was a part of him, she loved how it was always ready for her and she wished he wouldn't control himself so much. If he was soft in front of her, she would do her best to make him hard, she told him it could turn into fun but he just kissed her at the time. He did tend to kiss her mouth close sometimes..

Oh Gosh and now his beautiful dick was so, so ready and she was kissing it's head. She heard his sigh and his felt it. She hadn't before him given head although got very close to it once. She wanted to do her best with him always in every department but in this she had more control and so she felt she could.

"Suck, suck my dick" He moaned. His eyes that were the most beautiful grey she had ever seen closed and his mouth was open, his lips pink. Yeah they were pink and yet he still looked masculine and sexy.

She wanted his hands in her hair, she wanted him tugging on her short hair, he fiddled around with it when they lay together in bed before and after sex..OH he pushed his cock further in her mouth. She felt so wet herself, so so wet. Fuck the bed, she wanted him eating her out in the hall. The door's not closed she wanted to say, she was onto him, he had something that she just discovered about taking her orally or fucking her pussy in open spaces.

The time he gagged her..oh FUCK. She looked up and he stared straight into her eyes.Yeah alright, so she should concentrate more. She DID take quite a bit of him in. He was just very hard right now. Patience..

The more of his dick she got in his mouth the more sexy she felt herself. Her mouth was large despite her short unwide lips but he overwhelmed her. Now his cock reached the back of her mouth. Deep throat. Deep throat him.

She flicked her tongue out to stroke his hard cock. She could feel all his reactions more intensely. She was going to do it. She puffed her cheeks out but felt her breath hitch as it usually did, breathe from the lungs, girl. She did and she relaxed a little, opening her mouth to yawn which usually helped her. The feel of his smooth dick against the right back, back of her mouth, throat, whatever it was it felt like her pussy in a weird way, she heard her gag and opened her eyes wide at him. Nothing would stop her she wanted to say. All in, I'm taking you all in. She started humming. Fuck yes, she was on her way, his eyelids fluttered. She managed to relax her breathing and was sure her hot breathe touched his cock. He must like that, she would ask him about it. How safe he felt inside her mouth. She didn't know what she was doing now but she felt the motion of his cock mostly up and down. Trouble was she never got chance to ask if he could ever feel her throat, he'd always tongue her so deeply afterwards and she fell asleep, she got the best sleep she had in his arms. All her gratitude, her love for him she put into what she hoped was deep throating his dick. And she knew he was past it, she could see the tears on his face, how his tightly held control was slowly dissolving but it was like a pressure cooker, it wasn't without sweat, tears or hard fucking work that the pressure would let.

Then, she felt it. His beautiful fingernails against her scalp. His fingers were deep in her hair. Do it, mark me, she thought but she hummed more wanting to say it. He came. Come in me, come in Mike. She looked up and saw his face thrown back. She hummed again. This one was to say she knew. She knew the intensity, she was in on it and she was taking his cum all in. His hot sticky liquid almost choked her but she concentrated hard on swallowing wanting to give him the best blowjob. She could feel her head hurt and she wondered if there was blood. Don't apologise Goddamit Michael just keep shooting your semen in me. Bless his heart, he was shooting more and more in her and she swallowed. She smiled and she could feel him almost swinging his cock in her mouth. Yeah, that's right, get the inside of her cheeks.

When he was completely spent, Mel lovingly hummed around him. They would have the best kiss afterwards, her hot, sticky wet mouth and him taking her lips, taking her soul.

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