Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Don't you hate it when you an ebook gives you hope..

then you buy it and it's your idea of superficial nonsense. Not even titillating superficial nonsense. I hate stories that have men going for a specific type of woman. It's made very clear he's very specific to the extent of creepy..dark hair AND dark eyes AND big hips AND boobs.

I understand certain things get certain people hot but calling someone who doesn't fit their ideal, "ordinary" and even having such a strict no room for manoever ideal I always thought was a reflection of a boring nature. There's knowing what you want and then there's just creepy and boring.

And this was a bdsm story! It's not supposed to be boring..yet it was the vanilla sex of bdsm. There's nothing in there that has not been done and said over and over again ..and whilst stories have a common theme, there's always something different to each one. This had no unique quality. Well, unless you could relate physically to the heroine.

Another thing I hate is calling thin woman "sticks." And the worry over "breaking them." Not all thin women are fit but if you're fucking one, and don't just get your scientific information from tabloids and magazines, it's quite possible you will find her healthy, fit, flexible, strong and toned so I don't see what the problem is. I understand the term thigh man and burying your face between a woman's thighs or having a preference for big tits, but if you can't get off on anything that isn't big, that's rather sad. And boring on your part. To me, you may as well just have "mom issues."

I know I'm being scathing here but it really pisses me off when a woman is healthy and just because she doesn't have her body fat distributed the way certain men think it should be, she's repulsive to them. And my God have I read the repulsion in these stories. And by female characters too. What happened to sisterhood?!

I was attracted to the book for the cover. A sexy -high heel poke in a man's backside whilst he fucks you against the wall or against the bed- shoe. And a hand cuff! Sexy, sexy, sexy!

Whilst I've haven't found the author's previous work erotic in the past, I thought I would give this a chance. Having read the excerpt, I thought there maybe something in it for me; breast play, spanking, whipping. But even the spanks were boring! And to be honest that was the first thing I looked for before I actually read the book.

*Grumble* they have no return policies on books and I find this hero so boring and offensive, I have to delete it from my computer..no trace of it left.

I get a little passionate about my erotica, you see. That can be a good and bad, bad thing.

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