Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nearly the 1st March.

Firstly, yay. I love Spring.

Secondly, I think Erotica is so much a part of me, it's really inhabited every cell I have. That sounds dramatic but I feel it all the time. I mean I want it when I sleep too. I think I'm not just addicted but the want for it is so great, I refuse to not want it..I have seen this world and now nothing less will do. Sometimes other things matter so less in comparison.

Sex is part of all the stuff we have inside..emotions and fears and knowledge. It's not the be all and end all, for me, but it's deep inside and a big part.

More on "not every story"

"Tallie..Tallie I haven't even kissed you yet."

"So kiss me." I'm on the floor and Ry is fondling my ass. It's an awkward position but so sexy. He makes everything in me come alive and I want to try every thing.

"This is what you do to me, baby." He's turned me around and I see his blue eyes. They're going to kill me. He looks so intense that I could come just from him staring at me. Yes, I could.

"Don't ever doubt yourself." He says taking my face in his hands.

"I won't" I promise him. Then I feel his tongue love mine. I moan as his lips embrace mine and kiss each part of my flesh over there.

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