Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Those Two a year on from the beginning.

A year ago, I started writing an erotic story called Those Two.

I mean it was basically filth, born out of my lust from this movie I saw with these two guys as friends. I had a lot of resistance to write this, funnily enough, because I don't care to be part of some boys or mens club. However, I decided to go for it. It's just my imagination. Initially it was a lot of fun and now I have a lot of time for this story. I made up names for them, I seemed to have one character writing successfully, one character interested in anime porn and floundering and ambition mixed in. These two are opposites but two great friends. The only sad part is me coming between them, it's just my imagination yet it's sad.

I've been working on Those Two for a year, the previous addition was end of last year. It's all on this blog. What is this story; is it gay or menage? I don't know. It's just a woman with these two.

"What if..what if James came in?"

My pussy clenched again. As if Scott's wicked tongue lapping up my juices wasn't enough to make me come again after the violent orgasm he gave me orally.

"Does that turn you on?" I felt so sweaty all over. I just wanted to fall in someone's arms.

"NO! God NO." He said looking straight into my eyes from between my thighs. My thighs suited his face. They were the same colour, pale, snowy pale.

He got up as I tried not to fall back onto the desk he gave me oral sex against. It was something to see him standing tall over me, his brown hair all messed up and his lips all wet with me.

Whenever I saw his pale blue eyes in the light, I got this feeling and I thought it was lust and sex but it was also to protect. I held onto his hand.

"Just.." He bent down and whispered against my face tenderely, "I wish, I wish you were mine." His cheeks were red and his eyes were so, so alive.

"Scott, I know this isn't right but to give you up would be torture. I NEED you. The problem is I met James with you and the problem is I need you both. But.."

He was touching my pussy which was wet still, cupping it. The way he did it I felt was without motive. Sometimes because of our problems I really felt me and Scott fit together very well.

I kissed his cheek which was touching mine. "I just need you to understand that if you get involved with someone else, I will still need sex from you. I know that's wrong and you may not want me, but I will try. And that's not like me. I just can't resist you." I whispered roughly because as I spoke I was crying.

He whispered my name, his eyes watery. "I love you, you know."

"That's a very big thing." I said solemnly.

"Yeah" He nodded. "But I knew it the moment I saw you."

I was shocked. He stopped touching my pussy, his fingers just very gently once in a while touching by exposed thigh.

"I know you may have a problem with that but I know it. What can I say, I'll always be here for you."

I needed to think. I needed to talk to James and beg him as I've never begged anyone in my life or wanted anything so much in my life. I needed to beg him to understand that I needed them both. Both these two souls.

"I don't know if I can believe that Scott but I care for you very much. I just don't believe in love like that."

"I didn't either."

"I can't have changed your mind, surely."

He blushed. The problem with Scott was his blushes. They were a problem because I had never seen someone blush like him, so unlike what I saw from males who were idiots, his wise face took on a noble sort of look.

"Lust is irrational, it makes no sense, it just is. I guess love can be like that too. It's just love involves so much selflessness. I think selflish feelings are not born out of love."

"Perhaps you're right." Scott hugged me. And I didn't feel weird with my skirt around my thighs and my top around my breasts. I let him embrace me fully.

"I hope we can be honest with each other." I said into his ear. Whatever happened, no bullshit, just honesty, we were adults and if we did it with respect and love for each other, whatever love it was, we would be fine. Our hearts would heal.

"I've never been honest with a girl."

Then he smirked.

"James says things like that." The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. I saw his reaction.

"We used talk about girls, women. Until YOU came along." He smiled into my eyes.

"Uh huh." I laughed.

"So you see all the trouble you've caused.." He laughed with me. We stood in each other's arms. Our unconventional embrace, our intense fucks, our secret from my boyfriend and our tears, sweat and talk about my past. Scott was a closed book but I would always be there to listen to him whenever he wanted to talk.

A year had passed since I met those two. James would be angry I knew that much when I told him about Scott but I had to tell him. I knew now.

I loved James because he was brilliant and intelligent. I loved Scott because he was intelligent and as brilliant as James. They were opposites and even now I could tell they had so many sides to them but in my phone conversation with James tonight, I would tell him that my selfishness knowing how busy he was with his writing was what it was, I just needed them both.

Perhaps they would need to form a new friendship between themselves. I wouldn't listen to anyone saying I couldn't act as the glue between them once they would fight. Whatever the consequences, the pain and misery, I had to take this plunge.

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