Saturday, 20 February 2010


Because I have too much time in my hands when I finally wake after noon (yah I wish), I decided to purposely from today be picky when it comes to attraction. Why..because I'm an asshole? Yes and no. But because actually I do want what I want. Now, in reality I have fallen for people because of a thing. It's a personality thing, like they actually have one (laugh) or something about their body or face. I just find myself thinking about them but then I do think about sex a lot. A lot, in fact.

But why shouldn't women be picky? I mean I know men will say yeah they are anyway but I don't want to play games and be all yeah personality baby whilst secretly wanting I don't know a hardbody fucking me. I'll be honest. I like men who have an athletic body. I don't fall for them because of that but that is what I am attracted to. I would date a man who didn't have an athletic body, how kind of me, because frankly I love sex (and you can connect the dots yourself) and I wouldn't second date a man who turned out to be an asshole regardless of their body. But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have a one night stand with a man just for his body. Again, it's a sex thing.

I think women should be honest with themselves at the very least. We should know what we want and admit we don't know what we want at times. This is part of being human and you can call it neurotic or "that time of the month" (huh. well what's YOUR excuse?) (and actually not that time of month, i don't notice that affecting my sexual wants and needs).

But wait a minute, I'd trample over any guy to be with one who's GOOD in bed. I don't want a plank with defined arms and a few stomach muscles who does nothing. And by the way I'm not stupid, I know those muscles are there because that guy worked out and I can tell when they're obsessed and when they just do it occasionally. I'm not into the obsessed guys. Those who know more about ghd's than I do, those who fake tan (yeah really, embrace the skin you have, perfection is for robots) and pretty faces are just pretty faces but a man who does run occassionally or do some excersise is sexy to me because he's working. I link that to my non attraction to laziness in men. I don't like men who procrastinate or sit around day after day. I like passion and fever. Sometimes that intensity can be creepy ..

And this rule. Don't expect things from other people? Why not? Did we ever get anywhere by just being content? You can lose more when you want more but why not want more? To any woman, overweight or not, obese or very athletic, I say go for it.

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