Sunday, 21 February 2010

Are American men sexier?

I was reading how there's quite a difference in the openness of characters between English men and American men. I have to say the English men that I have interacted with on some level (I sound like a computer program) are not that open. I know much is made of the English charm and in cities like London you do meet some who are not smarmy but come across as intelligent..erm that's about it. I don't really get their sense of humour and they've never made me laugh in a good way. I suppose they're too English for a girl who grew up here all her life.

But, I've found men kind of shy here which is not a personal like for me. Plus, I don't know where I stand. I don't like to chase or play mind games. Laugh with me, openly flirt with me, that's what I want.

In my vast experience of speaking with two American guys who are not related to me, I've found their openness in conversation, eye contact and confidence as opposed to bravado, appealing. I can be friends with these people. And they were sexy.

To me sexy is not holding back. I'm not a big fan of the stiff upper lip even if I have one initially. I'm a bubbly person and serious at the same time and I like it when I encounter enthusiasm and an up for anything and everyone atttitude (you know what I mean). I've found a little bit of that attitude in the boys and men here but it's limited to certain circumstances and people. And then there are some males here who are just too ..nervous (maybe?) for my liking.

I wonder if in America, that's not the case. Are American men sexier? Of course I'm making generalisations, big ones perhaps, but I am talking generally. I know that human character depends on the human but actually I don't believe people are the same everywhere. That's not wishful thinking but their environment, culture and weather, yes even weather is going to have an impact. I seriously think England needs more sun; it contributes to that inner smile.

Aside from an English author and one American one who basically got the sexiest open character EVER, I don't even like reading Erotica which has an English hero. It's the description of the posh Hugh Grant type accent and elegance that sort of turns me off them.

I am purposely not talking about movies here because they're SO behind when it comes to England. Aside from Shaun of The Dead the comedy version. I didn't enjoy that movie all that much and the fact the actors harp on about it doesn't help, but at least those English characters were, shock horror, dimensional.

Photos supplied for enjoyment purposes. I was manipulative in my choosing. They're clearly different characters in their persona..I'm sure not at all influenced by their American or English nature..

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