Monday, 15 February 2010


She was just asking for it.

What was she thinking dressed like that?

She WANTED the attention.

She was provoking me.

EXCUSES. Excuses for your pathetic little boy trapped inside an animal who has no control over his dick. GROW UP. AND there are WOMEN who say other women should take responsibility for rape as well as the man..this ABSOLUTELY makes me wonder what's wrong with them. I mean you are saying a woman should take responsbility over a man losing control over his penis in such a way the woman is HURT. That's real humane of you, nice going, NEVER have children.

The sad thing is, sadder than your cynicism and inability to KNOW right and wrong because actually there is right and wrong in quite a few areas that are not so grey The Complacents of the world, is women not speaking up after the abuse. So let it go on. A woman should not get dressed in short skirt, halter top have her long legs out and showcase her boobs, she shouldn't dress like that BECAUSE some men just can't control themselves. And THAT'S okay! Why that's the way things are! Nature right! Long live the man, FUCK sisterhood, more power to men!!

You know, you stick your dick in someone without consent, you go to jail for life, simple as that. You have this responsiblity as a man to absoultely make sure it's okay to penetrate the woman, even if it's painful. Time to face up to it.

YES some women do need to know that bad attention IS bad but RAPE?! What's is this blame culture going to prove? What are these grey areas in this case going to solve? What's the outcome? The man gets a trial and gets away with rape because she wanted the attention? Wait a minute, that's happening already? And we're sleeping okay with this? I mean I am fucked, I have issues but you cynical, inhumane people have NO HOPE. If it takes one person to be the bitch to have to shout a little to be heard to have a little of the animal in her, not all, just a little when communicating with what looks to be something a little short of human, then FUCK I'll rise to it.

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