Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Slowblow (burn) continued

She could feel his heart through his chest, pounding and full of life when they kissed. And it was a soul searing kiss, he took her tongue and made love to her lips. He never once that in the time he kissed her smashed them, even when he spanked her, even when he gagged her, he fucked, was possessive as shit but the most lyrical kisser.

His fingers played on her chin. He was getting even more possessive now, she didn't think that was possible. Mel broke away from his lips with a harsh moan, she heard his reaction too. What are you going to do, Mike, fuck me in the backside? Without even thinking, she kissed his chest. Small kisses all over with her mouth which felt beestung. He once told her her lips could make him come. She laughed. They were small for starters. Shapely but small. She breathed him in and wondered how his chest could look smooth and yet feel the opposite. He had light coloured hair there, lighter than on his head and it barely showed but her saliva from her kisses as dumb as it sounded she loved seeing that hang on to this hair there.

She felt his lips on her mouth then. She was so dazed, so wet just from this, that she didn't feel him take over contact. They were both moaning harshly and ..."No.."

She touched his penis. He told her not to.

"Would you come?" She questioned into his lips.

"Yes." It was harsh, rough and he could save someone's life. But he could lose control just over her. And that made her wonder. Just that, nothing more, it just made her wonder.

The possibilities too..What could she could do with him. She still wanted to be with another woman. For him. That one time, it was for HIM. She wanted it again. And she knew her teasing would torment him at times.

"Oh Michael." He lifted her up. When he did that, she wanted to tear off everyone 's clothes and tap their chests and declare the whole world primitive.

"Love you." She said it, just said it like it was breathing. It was so natural.

He snogged her in response, an animal kiss. He had one snaggle tooth that would always scrape her lip a little and this time she felt blood. She didn't want to tell him because he would fuss. Their relationship was funny.

When his lips felt hers, she couldn't help but look at him. He looked at her..strangely. He blushed. He must have tasted the blood from her lip/s. He placed her on the ground. Great.

He motioned to her with his hand, pointing. In a ragged breath he told her to stay there.

Where else could or would she go?

He walked away with his hard on. Wow. He could walk away naked and he looked perfect, just perfect.

Mel leaned her shoulder against the bannister. A fire. She felt like she could cause a fire with that heat in her. Her emotions, her sex, his pain, her love for him, all overwhelming her. She couldn't help but slump down.

"Hey." She looked up at Mike walking up to her.

"What's happening down there?" He smiled.

Just marry me already she thought. Clearing her throat, she couldn't voice what she showed him; she touched her pussy.

His eyes the hottest grey caressed her down there. The way he looked at her, not just now, always, it was going to kill her. Because it was out of this world and she couldn't take how hot he was.

He fondled her nipple of one of her boobs. The back of his hands rubbed against the brown bud and then he applied just the right pressure to it with his fingers.

"You're so good at that.

"I'm a breast man."

She quirked her eyebrow at him.

Her tits felt so full at his admission. But she already knew this. Just to hear him say that to her was fucking A. Yeah that's right, fucking A. A for awesome.

"So, want to suck them?"

"Yeah, baby I want to suck them." He continued to worry her nipple with his fingers. He must have seen how full both of her tits were, both nipples hard enough to cut glass, brown and red at the very point.

"Care to give me a lift?" She raised her arm up. He did.

"That was very sexy when you stroked your pussy Mel." They were face to face. How, she didn't know. She wanted to take his lips and almost did but he backed her more to the wall.

"Lift your arms up, baby." She did when he said that. "Such pretty, soft smooth arms Melanie." He ran his fingers over them.

"Thanks, Detective Sexy."

"Wha'd you call me?"

"You heard." She whispered out of arousal, actually.

"I'm calling you sexy. And I want your fingers stroking my arms, your arms making sure they stay above my head, holding me captive, whilst your hot lips caress the underside of my tits and then you take turns," she swallowed, "tongueing and wetly sucking each of my nipples."

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