Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The writing in this, is red hot. I want to write like this. I love the terms, the names.

You'd think I wouldn't but underneath it all, this is what I like.

"I desperately slammed her ass a few more times, then let out an enraged bellow and blasted white-hot jism deep into the little cutie‟s rippling bum. My body quivered like

a sexual tuning fork as I rocketed load after load of sizzling jizz into Ashley‟s beautiful behind. I filled her sweat-slick caboose to overflowing, my ruptured cock pouring what seemed like a gallon of come inside her."


Cheeky Girls

by Landon Dixon

A short time ago, my girlfriend‟s sister came to visit us for a week. Given that my girlfriend, Ashley, is an absolute knockout, so, too, was her twin sister, Abigail. I couldn‟t tell the jiggly, giggly pair of 18 year-old brats apart; they both had long, black hair and crystal-clear, blue eyes, high, firm tits and jutting nipples, slim waists and supple legs, and, best and most of all, taut derrières.

As an unrepentant ass-man from way back – from the days of a daisy duke-clad Catherine Bach and a shorty-shorted Chrissy Snow and a hot-panted Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman – the sight of those two bouncy bottoms prancing and a-twitching all over the place made for one of the most memorable weeks of my life.

On the last day of her stay, we took Abby snowboarding at a resort two hours outside of town. And after an invigorating morning and afternoon of surfing the slopes, we made tracks for the lodge, for drinks and dinner and a dunk in one of the outdoor hot-tubs. My cock had been a diamond-hard icicle all day long thanks to the heavenly vista of the girls‟ board-squatting, ski-pant-clad posteriors, and it didn‟t melt an inch in the bubbling chop of the soak tub, what with the two of them cavorting around in matching neon-green bikini tops and floss bottoms. Their plush, heart-shaped asses, peachy cheeks splayed into two glistening, golden-brown globes by the
bum-cleaving thongs, were openly displayed for my erotic, eye-popping enjoyment.
And with my blood-alcohol level and waterlogged dong rising to near-record heights, I boldly joked about mistakenly going to bed with the wrong girl that night. At which point Ashley pulled her sister up out of the steaming froth and tugged her thong down, showing me a butterfly tattoo on Abby‟s lower, lower abdomen. Ashley sports a tattoo in the exact same spot, only hers is a heart.

After more kidding and more drinks, we finally piled back into the car and drove home. I was totally beat – keeping pace with one wound-up teen vixen is tough enough, let alone two – so I mumbled a slurred goodnight to the gabbing gals and poured myself what I hoped to be a long, fitful sleep. And I was sawing logs like a beaver operating a feller-forwarder when Ashley woke me up by pinching my nose. „Huh? What‟s up?‟ I grunted, turning my head and cracking my neck and squinting at the girl lying next to me.

„I noticed that you had a bit of a “hard” time today – keeping your eyes off my sister and me,‟ she commented glibly, her eyes twinkling mischievously in the dim light of the bedside lamp. „Think maybe you can give me a hard time – like, right now?‟

I ran a wooden tongue over parched lips, the fog in my brain beginning to burn away thanks to Ashley‟s unexpected heat. „A man‟s gotta do ... something,‟ I mumbled, then rolled on top of the hottie, my ever-ready dick pressing long and hard against her warm, flat tummy.
I slid my hands under her nightie and cupped and squeezed her pert titties, started swiping tongue and swapping spit with the raven-haired cutie. Then I jackknifed up so that she could grab hold of my erection and stroke it with her hot little hand. We frenched and
fondled for a good, long time, before I finally broke away from her mouth, pushed up her nightie, and latched my lips onto her jugs. I sucked a flared, mocha nipple into my mouth and tugged on it, then swallowed her whole blessed tit.

„Yes!‟ she breathed. „That feels so good!‟

I sucked and sucked on her boobs, swirled my tongue all over and around her pointed, rubbery nubs. Then I slipped a hand down into her panties in prelude to pulling them off and steering my raging cock into her juicy snatch. But Ashley shocked the hell out of me by grabbing my wrist and saying, „I want it in the bum.‟

I stared at her, wide-eyed and wonder-struck, for I well-knew that the angel-faced teenager was an anal virgin, despite my repeated efforts in the past to pop her bung cherry. I, therefore, praised my Maker and scrambled off of Ashley, flipped her over, and then fumbled a tube of lube out of the bedstand that I‟d been saving for just such a special occasion. I anxiously slathered lube onto my straining prong as I gazed longingly at my teenie‟s cushiony, brown pillows.

I wanted to sink my teeth into those fleshy bumpers, bury my tongue to the tonsils in between her hot buns. But first and foremost, I wanted to shove my fat cock into the little sweetie‟s unviolated butthole before she changed her dirty mind about the whole thing. I pulled her pink, teddy bear-patterned panties down and off and applied hand to ass – gripping her firm, round butt cheeks and squeezing them, kneading them, playfully slapping them around a bit until they blushed red with embarrassment.

Ashley reached back and spread her cheeks in open invitation, and I fingered some lube onto and into her tiny bunghole. Then I dropped the lube, swallowed hard, and gripped my steel-hard prick, pushed my bloated cockhead

up against the girl‟s back-end sex-slot. I had no idea how I was going to fit all of my swollen pork into her ultra-small chute, but I was bound and determined to find a way.

„Fuck me up the bum with your big cock!‟ Ashley bleated, cranking the sexual heat up another few notches.

And as her sparkly-tipped fingers dug into her lush butt flesh, and her hot body trembled with anticipation and nervousness, I recklessly plowed my monster cock-top into her starfish, penetrating her petulant, pink pucker. I held my breath and eased my throbbing rod into Ashley‟s virgin anus. She moaned and buried her face in a pillow, before unexpectedly thrusting her ass upwards, helping me bury my greased bone almost to the balls in her gripping bung. My pole sank deep into her butt, like a spike into the warm, wet earth.

I gripped the sheet on either side of her and churned my hips, slowly at first, barely moving my ass-embedded cock, then faster and faster and faster, torquing up the sexual rhythm to the point where I was banging the babe‟s bum with an animal ferocity. I pounded dick into her bouncing bottom, looming over the groaning girl and pummelling her ass. Great drops of sweat slid off my face and splashed down onto her back, her tremulous ass shivering in time to my frantic cock-thrusts, my heavy balls spanking her bronze booty.

The heat and tightness and mind-blowing eroticism were too fucking intense to resist for long. „I‟m coming!‟ I hollered all-too-soon.

„Come in my butt!‟ Ashley shrieked back, her head jerking to and fro.

I desperately slammed her ass a few more times, then let out an enraged bellow and blasted white-hot jism deep into the little cutie‟s rippling bum. My body quivered like

a sexual tuning fork as I rocketed load after load of sizzling jizz into Ashley‟s beautiful behind. I filled her sweat-slick caboose to overflowing, my ruptured cock pouring what seemed like a gallon of come inside her.

When it was finally over, I collapsed on top of her, my cock and body drained. Then I tugged my wasted dick out of her vice-like petoot and rolled over onto my back next to her, letting blessed sleep hit me again like a ton of bricks.

„Zack!‟ someone hissed in my ear, seemingly only minutes later.

I groaned.

„It‟s Abby,‟ the girl standing over me, shaking my shoulder, whispered. „I need to see you, like, right away.‟

I groaned again, but allowed myself to be pulled out of my warm bed, out of my bedroom, into the neighbouring guest room. I rubbed grainy sleep out of my eyes and squinted at my girlfriend Ashley‟s spitting, drooling image – right down to the skimpy, sheer nightie and pink, teddy-print panties. „Uh, what‟s up, Abby?‟

She hooked a finger in between her pouty lips and stared down at her bare feet. „Well, um, I heard you and sis having sex – I couldn‟t help it, you know, the walls are so thin and everything – and, anyway, it got me, like, kinda hot ... and I was wondering if maybe you and I–‟

„Hold it right there!‟ I blurted. Even half asleep and horny as a toad convention, I still had enough sense to realise that I had too good a thing going with Ashley – especially with anal sex now added to the mix – to throw it away on a fling with her sister. „I can‟t cheat on Ash. It wouldn‟t be right. We‟ve–‟

„I just knew you‟d say that, Zack!‟ she interrupted, sliding her panties down to reveal a heart tattoo just to the

left of her shaven snatch – revealing that she was, in fact, my girlfriend, Ashley. „I was just checkin‟,‟ she giggled. „Now, how ‟bout givin‟ me some of that butt-lovin‟, mister?‟

I wasn‟t sure just exactly what the hell was going on anymore, but if the bubble-bottomed babe wanted a second dose of ass-plowing, then I was game. I grabbed her in my arms and planted my lips on hers. We kissed long and hard and hungrily, until Ashley darted her mischievous tongue into my mouth and entwined it around my tongue.

And after frenching like a couple of hormonally-hopped-up teens riding the rear seat of their parents‟ minivan, Ashley dropped to her knees and got a grip on my fast-swelling dick, started sliding her hand up and down its pulsing length. „Fuck, yeah!‟ I groaned, watching the black-haired beauty pump my prick, juggle my balls around.

„Gotta get you all nice and slick for my bum,‟ she said, staring up at me with her baby-blues, tickling the tip of my dong with her playful, pink tongue.

She twirled her slimy tongue around my cap, licked at my slit, making my knees buckle and my body shudder. I clutched at the girl‟s shimmering hair and held on for dear life. She thoroughly tongue-lashed my mushroomed hood, then pulled my dick up and began painting my shaft with long, wet tongue-strokes.

„That‟s the way, baby!‟ I urged, my fingers buried in her silky tresses.

She ran her wicked tongue from furry balls to leaking knob, over and over, coating my raging dong with saliva, licking me like my meat was melting from the incredible heat. Then, when she had me really all good and lathered

up, she pulled my stiff-as-a-board wood down to her lips and vacuumed my cocktop into her mouth.

I grunted my approval, started moving my hips, Ashley tugging on my cap with her glossy lips. She gulped down more of my member, and more, ‟til she had a good three-quarters of my pulsating pole locked in her mouth. And then she gobbled up the rest of my cock.

„Jesus!‟ I hissed reverentially. The wanton teen had deep-throated me only a precious couple of times before, and never with her equally-attractive sister roaming around loose somewhere in the apartment.

Ashley‟s nose parted my pubes and pressed into my stomach. She had my entire engorged cock crammed into her mouth and throat, and she held me hermetically-sealed there for a long, tense moment, before slowly disgorging my dripping dong until she had just the bloated tip between her blessed lips. Then she dove her head forward and throated me again.

Ashley repeated the blistering sword-swallowing process more times than I can remember, giving me a deep-throat BJ that drove me wild, set the batter in my balls to boiling. But when she sensed that I was teetering on the slippery edge of coming, she yanked my sopping cock out of her mouth before I could douse her tonsils in sticky, liquid love.

„Now that you‟re all juiced-up,‟ she said, „why don‟t you bum-fuck me?‟

I eagerly nodded my agreement. I let go of Ashley‟s hair and grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet. Then I positioned the succulent teen so that she was bent over at the foot of the bed, hands gripping the polished brass railing, legs spread slightly apart, her bold, sun-kissed bottom staring me in the eye.

„Time for round two,‟ I gritted, grasping her dainty panties and tearing them apart. I spat into my right hand, rubbed the spit into her butt cleavage, against her pucker, and then I grabbed her left cheek with my left hand and knocked on her back door – heaven‟s door – with the heavy head of my cock.

„Fuck me in the bum, Zack!‟ Ashley squealed, knuckles white on the railing, legs trembling.
I punched my hood into her starfish, drove my rod slowly and surely into her chute. She was as awesomely tight as before, and she whimpered softly as I sank my fuck-spear into her anus. I didn‟t stop ‟til I was balls-to-the-butt cheeks.

„Mmmm!‟ my baby moaned, her entire sun-burnished body trembling now.
I gripped her hips and started pumping mine, sliding my long, hard cock back and forth in her chute. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy, frantically buffed her come-button as I relentlessly fucked her ass.

I dug my fingernails into her heated, brown flesh and plundered her bottom, pulling my prong almost all the way out of her ass and then plunging it all the way back in again, over and over and over. Her saucy butt cheeks shimmied with the impact of my body smacking up against them, my cock sawing in and out of her stretched-out bung.

„Ohmigod, I‟m coming!‟ the ass-blasted sweetie suddenly wailed, rubbing her cun in a frenzy.
That did it for me! I hard-cranked her sphincter a couple more times and then sprayed her ass walls with sperm, spewing deep into her bowels, as she was jolted with mighty, multiple orgasms of her own.
I had enthusiastically reamed Ashley‟s taut, teen ass for what I thought was the second time that magical night. To be honest, though, I‟m not exactly sure who got butt-banged how many times, because both sisters were walking kind of funny the following day. And when Abby had left, Ashley coyly confided that, as twins, the two girls always shared everything, but since Abby was the more daring of the two, it was her job to try out new experiences first.

What I do know about that sensational Ashley-Abby interlude is that I fucked bodacious booty twice during one super-sexed night, and Ashley‟s sweet derrière has been mine ever since.

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