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Candy's Daddy by Cherry Lee.

So this book is fast becoming my visceral favourite. And something that pushes and tests me. I didn't realise how much the Daddy thing turned me on. But when I think about it, it's an extension of love and protection and role play. And I LOVE role play. Not because I want to be someone else but because I like to mix it up. So, if I say that it would seem fun to look for someone specifically into being my Daddy, then I would say it's fun and that it would an education for better or worse. I honestly don't know how far I could take it, reading is different to being in that relationship or situation yourself.

So many things about Candy's Daddy turn me on but you know before that, I was heavily into At Her Captain's Command. That was something where the woman was constantly spanked, so HOT, and since I love my own biggish boobs and she had big boobs and you know she was a fish out of water in this book and that made her submissive and I'm not implying that having big boobs makes you submissive, but it's a very feminine image that she brought to mind, big breasts, bed room eyes. Well the submission turned me on incredibly. When the Captain customised her panties so they they were crotchless and he saw her take them off and her pussy juices drip down her legs, I swear the writing was RED HOT, I'm doing a bad job here, he just turned more animal, as it is he was something more than just a man, he had an anger, an edge. But he was also protective of his woman. This is a similar point to Candy's Daddy.

These are both books that really get me into the moment and until now I never thought it would affect my brain too. I mean yeah I fantasised about a Captain figure but I always thought I wanted my freedom too. Now I find myself wanting to look for a Daddy. Or someone to just plain submit to.

I want that. I didn't know so much before that I did, but now I know I want to look for that, that's on my list.

I was talking with someone a while ago about books that take submitting a step further and when I read them to begin with, they don't grab me like they do some other people, but for sure some once I read them, they're in me.

The thing is, I'm growing my hair because I have healthy hair and it's like just wanting to have length that so far I don't give it, because since I was young, I've been cutting it cut into a bob, but in these books the women have long hair. Part of me wants to be like them but I'm not them because I'm a differnt person and they are, no one is the same. And it does sadden me when the women have certain images in these books. It took me some time to see a shaved pussy is sexy. I mean I like it on me. But the idea, what it represents, it's kind of dangerous, taboo, and you know I don't want taboo for the sake of it, I just want really great sex and to feel really sexy and unfortunately a shaved pussy makes me feel that way actually. Women come in shapes and sizes but even in Erotica, they are are stereotyped. A woman could be slender, have short hair and small breasts and still be as sexual as a voluptuous, long haired woman. I know certain images are more appealing to certain people but your point of view can change, I just wish it was given a chance. I'd like to see more variation in the Erotica heroines no doubt about that. In Candys Daddy, the young woman has small breasts and she's petite, looks younger than her age, it's like I look my age, and I have big breasts, do I not get to have a Daddy?

After I read Candy's Daddy, I was curious about the author's other work so I bought Branded. It has an incest storyline in it. You'll see an excerpt and you can decide for yourself. It's not as erotic to me as Candy's Daddy but I can tell it's a slow burner, it will get to me like CD.

An excerpt from CD, followed by a Branded excerpt,

Mine. My girl. The primitive voice clamored inside Bob and for a moment, he
forgot why in the hell he was doing this. It no longer seemed like a good idea to share at

He sat apart from the others, watching and listening as Candy slipped easily into
her waitress persona and made small talk with the guys. Small talk drifted into the realm
of flirting and in a short while, without any direction from him, the flirting crossed the
threshold of a scene. Candy became the teen schoolgirl who’d gone to a college party
and stayed long after the other girls had gone home. The drinking grew heavier and the
innuendo in their chatting, more broad.

Frank was the first to cross the line and touch Candy, slipping an arm around her
and fondling her tit through her blouse. “Why don’t you take your blazer off, sweetheart?
School’s over.” He helped her out of her jacket.

“You don’t have a bra on, do you?” Dennis commented, his eyes trained on the
dark circles of her aureoles, clearly visible through the white cotton blouse.

Candy put a hand to her mouth in a parody of surprise. “Oops! Must have
forgotten today.”

Miguel pressed against her other side on the couch. He slid his hand up her
front, casually loosening buttons on the way. He slipped his hand inside and copped a
feel. “Nice little titties you got, girl.”

Candy giggled and pushed her chest out. “Little is right.”

“That’s cool with me. More than a handful is too much,” he said.

Dennis knelt in front of her and offered her another drink. Bob had permitted
alcohol for this one night, both to help her relax and to add to the illusion of the frat party

“You eighteen yet?” Dennis asked. “You don’t look like it.”

“Hell, she’s only fourteen,” Frank said. “She’s in my little sister’s class in high

“Teenage pussy spells trouble. Maybe we shouldn’t,” Dennis cautioned.

“Shut up. She’s willing and I’m fucking horny.” Frank pulled Candy’s blouse open,
baring her left breast. Miguel did the same on the right. And then both men descended
on her small tits, sucking the erect brown nipples into their mouths.

Dennis stopped arguing and moved closer to her knees, running his hands up
under the short, pleated skirt. And in the midst of all the attention, Candy closed her
eyes and moaned softly, her body lifting into their hands and mouths.

Bob was electrified, frozen in his seat, his eyes riveted on the scene playing out
before him. He could join too, become one of the sex-driven frat boys, but for now he
was content to watch, while they fondled and suckled his girl.

She was beautiful like that, with her eyes closed and her lips parted--a picture of
voluptuous young womanhood. Dennis had burrowed his head underneath her skirt and
from Candy’s gasps it was clear what he was doing to her.

“You like this, baby, huh?” Miguel’s voice was a soothing purr as he pinched her
nipple between his fingers and nuzzled into her neck. He covered her mouth with his
and stole a kiss without stopping his restless plucking of her nipple.

Frank pulled off her other breast with a wet pop. “Fuck this. My cock’s about to
burst.” He rose, unfastened his jeans and flipped out his cock, hard and ready for

Candy’s eyes opened wide as she stared at the cock only inches from her face.

“What do you think I’m gonna do with that?”

“Suck it.”

“No way. What kind of a girl do you think I am?” She managed to sound indignant
even while Miguel was twisting her tit and Dennis was foraging under her skirt.

“The kind who likes to get felt up but doesn’t want to put out,” Frank said. “Here
I’ll make it easy for you.” He picked up a glass of whiskey and dipped his cock in the
amber liquid before holding it out to her again. “You like to drink. Suck off the whiskey.”

Her doe-eyes widened and suddenly she looked every bit the fourteen-year-old
who’d gotten in way over her head. “I don’t know…”

He shoved his cock toward her mouth. “Suck, bitch.”

Her cherry-red lips rounded to a circle and she drew his cock into her mouth.
Miguel pulled away from kissing her neck to watch his friend’s cock slowly engulfed in
that sweetly pursed mouth. “Hot.”

He stood and unfastened his own fly, letting his jeans drop down his lean hips.

He picked up Candy’s hand and wrapped it around his brown cock, guiding her hand up
and down its length. Candy’s gaze darted from one man to the other. She murmured a
muffled protest, but Frank held her head firmly between his hands as he fed her his

Meanwhile, Dennis had emerged from beneath her skirt. He dragged her panties
and skirt down her legs so her glistening bare pussy was revealed. He stood and took
out his cock, rubbing it fast with his fist while he watched Candy sucking Frank and
pumping Miguel.

“She’s got a free hand, bro,” Miguel said. “Use it.”

Candy was as limp as a doll, helplessly giving in when Dennis took her other
hand and wrapped it around his cock. Bob stood and moved to a better vantage point
where none of the men’s bodies was blocking his view.

Candy sat on the very edge of the couch with Frank in front of her, nearly
gagging her as he fucked her mouth, and the others on either side, forcing her to pump
their cocks. She whimpered--a soft, sad little sound that wrenched Bob’s heart and
simultaneously made him so hard he thought he’d come right then. The image of the
used girl was so erotic and so sensual it set his body on fire.

Bob dropped his trousers and joined his friends at last. “Get her on the floor,” he

Frank pulled out of Candy’s mouth and pulled her to her knees in the center of
the floor. Bob moved in behind her so she was surrounded on all sides by men.

“Please, don’t,” Candy whispered in a high, tiny, voice. But she didn’t use her
safe phrase so Bob knew it was part of the act.


When the walls come tumbling down, can Sondra accept the secret that lies behind them? Strong-willed Sondra is concerned by her sister, Melanie's, new life as a full time submissive in a master dominant's household. To alleviate her sister's worries about this lifestyle, Mel invites her for a visit. Sondra soon begins a sexual journey under the tutelage of Master Damien, exploring levels of desire she never knew she possessed. Will she surrender her will to him and can she acknowledge a facet of herself she thought she'd put behind her?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sibling (f/f) incest.

(Yes, it's a conscious decision for me to feature this on my blog).



This is the test, isn't it? To see how still I can hold as the burning brand moves closer and closer to my quivering flesh. My stomach is curdled like old milk and my mouth as dry as paper. I embrace the roiling stomach acid and my thick, swollen tongue, because these small discomforts distract me from the larger one to come. I smell the steaming coals and the heated iron, and imagine I smell charred flesh, but it hasn't happened yet.

No chains and shackles hold me. No stocks confine me. No hands hold me steady. I could bolt at any time, and return to the life I knew a mere two months ago. But I stand and hold my ground. I've chosen what is about to happen.

Clenching my jaw so tight my teeth creak, I brace my hands against the gate and grip the rough wood. The dark voice comes from behind me, so husky and sensual my pussy tenses and releases wetly. "Do you truly want to bear my permanent mark?"

As the brand nearly touches my hip, the heat already singing my flesh, I groan, "Yes. Yes, I want this."

* * * *
Chapter One

"This isn't like you, Mel. You're freaking me out."

"Trust me, sweetie. You have nothing to worry about." My sister's voice was cool and smooth as silk, unruffled despite the fact we'd been arguing for the past twenty minutes. Or actually, I'd been arguing, she'd been responding in that calm, affectionate voice, refusing to rise no matter how I baited her.

"Well, I am worried. You're involved in this strange lifestyle, you barely call anymore, and when we do talk you don't sound like yourself."

"Sondra, believe me, I'm more myself now than I've ever been my entire life. I know it seems weird to you, but have you ever known me to rush into anything? I'm embracing something that makes me happy, and I wish you could be happy for me."

She was right. I was the impetuous younger sister, the one who threw herself into situations without considering consequences. If levelheaded Melanie told me she wanted to be living as essentially a sex slave in some mysterious man's home, I had to believe she was quite serious and hadn't been coerced into it.

"But it's so ... wrong! You've given up your job, your apartment, and you've surrendered your body to this man to ... to do whatever he wants with. How can giving up your will be mentally healthy?"

"I haven't given up my will." Her voice remained infuriatingly calm. I wanted to reach through the phone line and slap her. "You wouldn't believe the willpower it takes to do this, to be this. And I haven't called because I knew you wouldn't understand the life I've chosen. It's just too difficult for an outsider."

Outsider. I was an outsider now? To the sister who'd been closer to me than anyone in my entire life, any friend or lover I'd ever had? Her words hurt. I drew a deep breath and let it out slowly. This might be my one chance to reach out to her and keep our communication open. I knew I must choose my words carefully for once.

"You're right. I don't know anything about BDSM or about what draws some people to be dominants or submissives. But, if it's as fulfilling as you say, maybe it's something I should check out. How would your ... master ... feel about having a houseguest for a two-week visit? I've got some time coming at work and my plan was Cancun, but I'd much rather see you."

There was a long pause. For a moment, I thought she'd turn me down, then Melanie spoke breathlessly. "Seriously? You'd come to Napa? Oh honey, I'll have to ask Master Damien, but if he permits it, I'd love to see you."

"Ask him then and call me as soon as you know." I managed to keep the disdain from my voice. But inside her words rankled. Asking for permission from a man? Such bullshit!

Mel's voice bubbled with excitement. "You'll love the estate and the vineyards. It's so gorgeous here, and as for the rest of it, honestly, at first you might be a little freaked out, but I think you'll start to understand our relationship."

I was already freaked out. Seeing dungeons, torture equipment and sex toys first hand could hardly make it any worse.

"I'll send you a couple of very good books to give you an overview of the different elements of the lifestyle."

Kinky sex homework. Nice. This should be a vacation to remember.

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