Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The lady who is a vamp.

And the lady who married one.

I read an article today,

Now I'm fairly sure I have seen this woman perform. I watch porn and for some reason I remember names well. I had wanted to see The Girlfriend experience by Steven Soderberg. Sasha Grey is a woman on a mission. Now, she still remains a mystery to me and I'm not that big a fan of mysteries and personas for the sake of but I like her guts so to speak and her brains. I'm more a fan of her thinking, than I am "shrewd buisness women" like Jenna Jameson. Not that Sasha Grey isn't also making an earning but I never particularly warmed to Jameson much, I don't hate her nor do I hate Pamela Anderson, she seems to have a good sense of humour and I dunno, I like seeing pics of her with her children.

I'll look forward to watching Sasha's movie and porn performances and getting to know that side of her and see all these different things as I read in the interview and article. The article is brilliant, for me it was such a refreshing change to read something like that and to know more about the largely big in America and not so much England, East of Eden, and I'm removed from the mystical and romantic decidely so sometimes. I'm a big fan of the movie Dead Poets Society so I will always comeback to the romantic, the truly romantic, the side of life poets with hearts and balls, no not just that kind, write about. I truly recommend reading this article, you don't have to be into porn, you can hate it, just read the article it's not a preach, it's just a beautifully written piece of art.

Last week I read The Vampire's Bride by one of my favourite authors in this world, Amarinda Jones. Its available from Siren Publishing and you know it's a book that excites me a lot. I've talked about political correctness and the rules in sex before. My opinion is that when a heroine trusts a hero, we have to as well and the way the book is written, it's not forced and I'm not a big fan of preachy older brother attitude's from the hero to heroine, I like actions more than words. I will leave you with the blurb and excerpt from this book. This ain't Twilight.

“You are so wrong for me.”

“So you keep telling me.”

“And bad.” So bad but in the most lovely and delicious way.

“Why aren’t you moving?” She had the fullness. She wanted the

Alaric chuckled and began his thrusts into her once more. “You
like it when I’m bad. You like it when I’m inside you—fucking you.”

Oh, fuck yes. “Harder.” Josephine wanted to walk away from
Alaric feeling like she had been shagged within an inch of her life.“I don’t want to hurt you.”

That was sweet. But she needed more. “I want an orgasm.”

Playing with her own clit did not compete with what a man could do.

“Oh, you’ll get that, baby.” Alaric pulled his cock out.

“No…” Josephine whimpered. Alaric responded by backing away
and then dropping his head and fastening his mouth onto her clit. “Oh
my G-G-God.” She clawed at the bedding beneath as Alaric licked
and sucked at the soft pink folds of her pussy. Josephine no longer
cared about her wedding dress or the muted sound of voices outside
the bride’s room. All she wanted was to come with Alaric’s mouth on
her cunt. His fangs were no impediment to her enjoyment. Alaric was
too practiced a lover to let them scratch the delicate skin. Josephine’s
hands caressed his head as he lapped at her flesh. He was devouring
her, and Josephine was more than happy to be on his menu. She
spread her legs wider, needing everything he had. Her body twisted
on the bed, her pelvis pushing up into his face as the beginnings of an
orgasm hit her. She panted and moaned, vaguely aware she called out
something to do with Alaric and love, but in the heat of the moment,
she was not conscious as to what that was.

Alaric lifted his head momentarily, his eyes meeting hers. “I
know, baby. I know.”

Josephine pushed his head back down, aware of the chuckle of
satisfaction from her lover. She was coming, and she wanted Alaric’s
mouth on her clit as she did.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Multiple Partners, Vampires]

"Josephine McDonough loved a vampire once. But he left her. Now she’s set to marry someone else. Someone who will remain true to her. Alaric, her vampire ex-lover, is not about to allow that to happen. He needs her. He loves her. She is also the key to him getting something he dearly wants - Maverick House – it is his birthright.

Alaric crashes her wedding and takes Josephine back to Maverick House. While she loves Alaric, how does she know he will be faithful and not leave her again? When she finds out that he needs her to obtain the house, she is furious. Does Alaric love her at all? And then there’s his cousin Richard. Josephine doesn’t love him, but she lusts after him. He answers the dark, sexual cravings of her soul.

Does Josephine stay or go? And does she have any say it in at all? Maverick House rules their destiny."

I do this backwards sometimes and I also just wanted you all to see how my hero writes. It's so raw and sexy!


  1. "by one of my favourite authors in this world, Amarinda Jones."

    I blush - thanks mate - your opinions means a lot

  2. You are most welcome and it's true.