Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sex, how to do everything.

So I'm watching this programme. I like it. I prefer it to the mad cap sex shows, this one is just as erotic and relaxes me too.

In the first ep, there was a man giving himself a blowjob, how to give a man a good blow job and knowing your vagina. I'll start off with the last one. So, this woman walks into a parlour and the guy makes her a clay imitation of her vagina, and yeah we see her crotch and we see the imitation. She's never seen her vagina before. I'll be frank, I know what mine looks like, my lips protrude more than hers. I did say I'll be frank. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing and I don't know how symmetrical I am. NO way in hell would I get my lips done or get one of those designer vaginas. I can come just fine and if no one likes what's down there, they can give themselves a blow job. I'd like to know what the woman thought of herself, did she think she was ugly etc etc.. I do understand if a woman is unhappy with her vagina but I think we're taking perfection too seriously in this world as it is.

So, I found the part where a woman gives her partner a blowjob erotic. And I also found the tattoo I've been wanting to have for some time. (A beautifully done blue butterfly on her shoulder, or was it her upper arm..). She visits a professional, an expert or therapist in sex, and she demonstrates with a dildo how to give a blow job. The start up, the crawl to him making eye contact the entire time, using your legs, your bottom, rubbing your body across him, up and down his whole body, putting a condom on his cock with your mouth, lick up and down his cock, sucking his cock, gag reflex, opening your mouth as though you're doing a closed yawn, small licks like a pussy lickng milk ( yawn and puss licks demonstrated with a lollipop) and then sucking him how you want, licking him, getting to know his cock, what he's liking. The end; come all over you or swallowing. The woman who gave her boyfriend the blowjob referred to it as a gift and she was talking about wanting to do it and not being forced. I have to admit spanking is sexy to me but a guy saying suck my dick babe is only sexy when I'm feeling kinky, it wouldn't be a gift like giving a loving blow job would be. And she said she never spits because it would be like you're repulsed by the man's cum. I agree unless I'm doing the kinky blow job option. Her boyfriend was also on the show with her and said it was difficult to maintain eye contact with his woman when she was moving her body so sexily by crawling to him on the floor. It looked and felt to me like SHE was in charge. She had him and she moved to him like he was the prey.

Alright, so ooh also there were a few men talking about licking a woman's pussy. Do you like that term? I couldn't care less, if I'm aroused, I'm aroused. And I'm aroused. There was talk of making alphabet letters..hmm spelling out my name on my pussy but I'd rather just be licked and eaten. Up and down is good too, but betwen my thighs, licking, sucking and loving me, so, so hot. You'll know when you're giving me something I like technique wise.

Lastly, this other guys gives himself a blow job. So he says he's very flexible and has his legs reaching his head whilst lying down, he's done yoga and he says he has a big penis so that helps him. The presenters said they thought solo sucking was an urban myth. I don't find it erotic but I would like to know if men do. I mean licking my own pussy? Hmmm, I'd have to think about that..

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  1. I think there is nothing more erotic than giving a man a blow job...it's also very powerful to me having a lover totally weak with need and at my mercy