Friday, 16 July 2010

Hmm..Mullholland Drive.

I did myself a favour reading wiki after I watched the movie. I know I will be shot down by purists for doing such a thing but I'm glad I got to read different interpretations because when I watched the movie, I loved the style in places, the song sequences are my favourite and I really rate Naiomi Watts but I wasn't at all impressed with Laura Harring beautiful though she would be considered (I know she was supposed to be vacant and I've read the intepretation of projecting your own stuff on her like a blank canvas) and I wasn't impressed with the supposed likeness between Justin Theroux's character and David Lynch, if that's what David Lynch is like, it destroys any like I have to see one of his much talked about movies.

The love making scene actually pissed me off. This is a GUY'S erotic scene. All camera displays of tits, I use that word on purpose, I can just imagine a man saying go down lower let's see her tits, the audience would want to see and know what Watt's tits look like and I just found it unnecessary and dare I say gratutious. You all know I'm no prude but watching that scene and then later on, although later on it actually kind of worked a little with the character of Watts, it was titillating for a brief second, Harring looks like a doll, so not my type and her breasts are too perfect but I can see why someone would consider them real in this day and age and maybe they are..anyway my point is she has nice boobs and I like big boobs. And perhaps there was a woman on the camera team but the only sexuality I got is the kind a guy would get where they want to see one woman's breast brush against the others.

Stay focused.

I didn't enjoy Mullholland Drive but I will give it another go. I tempted right now to dismiss it but I'll just say it may work for me the second time and I hope not to be swayed by the interpretations.

So I'd like to go this Mulloholland Drive sometime in this lifetime too, hence the pic.

Have peaceful weekend, people, take care.

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