Monday, 5 July 2010

Slowburn, so this and the last posting carry the story on from earlier.

As a recap, Melanie's relationship with Michael is going very well and after some time in their relationship and then in the middle of one of their numerous, lose control, hot, sweaty sex moments, he proposed to her and she accepted. She has to come to terms with the differences between being with the man who thinks she's amazing the reality of everyday life where she's considered the opposite. The last post was her diary entry, a new thing she has started. Now, we go back to the morning after,

"Pity you're dressed," Mel wrapped her arms around Mike, him ready for work, her naked in their bed, "I'd have given you a blow job." She kissed his shirted chest.

"You can still give me one." She noticed he pulled on her hair a little, just a tad when he slid his fingers through it.

"With all that cum you give me, it'd take time to clean up." She smiled up at him.

He wrapped his arms around her, "I mean, later on. I have to run now." He kissed her possessively.

"I'm so horny" She moaned after their kiss.

"So am I."

She rubbed her body against his. Her tits rubbed on his stomach, would his cock feel them?

"" She heard him swear. Her nipples were hard and her pussy wet. She's love to touch his cock, just a quick feel before he went off.

She broke away and he made a sad face at her. "Tie me up."

"I know how much you love me restraining you." He said voice deeper, darker.

"I'd be naked tied to the bed and you'd come home and fuck me."

"As tempting as that does sound, I can't leave you like that for the whole day. It's not practical."

"I know, you're real practical aren't you Detective." She sassed.

He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Do you like uniforms?" God, his body was burning, she could feel his heat, his cock would be incredibly swollen with arousal right now.

"Oh fuck."

"School girl?"


"Anything on you is good. School girl is good. Nurse is good too."

"Mm School girl. I'd come dressed as that when I come and see you at work."

"You're coming today?"

"What do you think?"

She had no inhibition around him. She started fingering her pussy.

"Don't..make yourself come."

"Mm...I'd still be hot for you."

"No I want you to wait." He didn't sound so firm, he sounded like he was swallowing.

It was very very hard to stop fingering her pussy but yeah she'd come in front of him now if she kept on anymore.

"So, I'll see you later."

"Yeah." He smiled, and his whole face lit up.

Mel put on some shorts and a tank top, in search for a school girl uniform at such short notice. She hadn't been to a kinky shop before, mostly because Michael always had her naked at his place or hers. It didn't surprise her to know that school girl uniforms were in short supply, she just hoped it was women buying them and they were being fucked as themselves and not 12 year old Tiffany or whatever. She liked the "Daddy" reference as much as the next wet, horny woman though.

Instead of a school girl uniform, she decided to take it one step even sluttier.

Looking in the mirror, she saw her boobs stick out of the contraption. It made them stick right out, so, so, out. It was so sexy for her to know she'd be walking around with her breasts naked in this leather thong type thing up there and her pussy wasn't covered either. What was happening here, was a case of highlighting, and pointing out, pouty tits and pussy, absolutely no covering up.

Kinky really needs to masturbate right about now xx

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