Monday, 19 July 2010

I managed to find the book I was looking for.

You know, that whole head sex post. I'm a dirty, dirty woman. I'm finding the visceral more erotic than the intellectual, though please do not let the intellectual die, it's very important and equally as life affirming! Thank you for all your suggestions, I am still interested in the books I said I was, I just needed something like this for the moment.

It's not that I want this kind of relationship, it's more about the fact limits are being pushed and yeah I kind of smirked at the "Popsicle" thing.

Candy's Daddy excerpt

Her admission of submissiveness was just what he wanted to hear. Bob probed a
little further as he whisked the eggs to a froth. “Would you say you’re adventurous?”

“Very.” She set the glass on the counter with a click and slid off the stool. “You?”

“I can be.” He stopped beating the eggs and gazed down into her face, tilted up
toward his. “Role playing can be fun.”

“Yes indeed.” Candy grinned. “Disobedient serving wenches who deserve a
whipping. Secretaries who ruin a big account and get spanked by their bosses. Naughty
schoolgirls earning a punishment from the headmaster.”

“Do all your fantasies center around punishment?” Bob set the bowl on the
counter and reached out to stroke his finger from her throat up to her chin, tipping it
higher. “Loving care can be sexy, too. Daddies taking care of their little girls.”

His cock twitched just from saying the words. He swallowed hard and awaited
her reaction. If she showed distaste, as many women did, he would gloss over the
fantasy and move on to something else. Maybe repressed librarians waiting to be

But Candy’s eyes lighted up at the idea. “You like to play at being a Daddy.”

Honey, I’d love to be your Daddy. Tonight. Tomorrow. Whenever and for as long
as you’d like.

“I think it’s kind of hot,” he admitted.

“Not everyone does,” she said. “I’ve used my little girl voice before and just about
driven men right out of bed.”

He cleared his throat and murmured low. “Let me hear your little girl voice.” He
stroked her throat with his finger again and felt the subtle vibration when she spoke.

“I’m hungry, Daddy. Will you make something for me to eat?” The high, breathy
request nearly made him come.

“Absolutely, baby girl.” He closed the last few inches between them and pressed
his lips to hers in a tender kiss before pulling away. “But first, would you like to do
something for me?”

“What, Daddy?” Christ, the sound of her soft voice calling him that drove him
crazy. He wanted to protect and cuddle her, to possess and ravage her.

“Would you like to play a little game before I make your food?”

She clapped her hands together. “I love games.”

“In this one, Daddy will take some of his clothes off and you’ll play at sucking on
a Popsicle.”

“All right. That sounds fun. Shall we play right here?”

“No. In the living room.” Bob put his arm around her shoulders and guided her
from the kitchen to the other room. He sank down on the plush comfort of the sofa and
pulled Candy onto his lap.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled against him while he
stroked her hair and told her what a good girl she was. Candy nuzzled into the side of
his neck, rubbing her nose against his jaw. “Scratchy.” She giggled. “Daddy needs to

He let her explore him with her mouth and hands, touching his face, his neck and
rubbing her hand over his chest and shoulders through his shirt until he couldn’t stand it
any more. His throbbing cock pressed hard against his jeans and he was desperate to
feel her warm hand and wet mouth surrounding it.

Bob grasped Candy around the waist and lifted her off his lap. “You should kneel
in front of me for this game. Pretend the ice cream truck drove past. You begged me for
money, but I didn’t have any change in my pockets so I had to say no.”

Candy was a natural at role playing. She fell right into his story, drawing her
brows together in a frown and jutting out her lower lip. “Daddy, why can’t I have ice
cream. I want some!”

“Honey, not today. I don’t have any money on me right now.”

“But I want some,” she wheedled. “I have allowance. I could go buy it with my
own money.”

“Not today,” he said firmly. “The truck is gone now anyway. It’s too late. Besides,
you have to learn you can’t always have your way.”

“You’re mean.”

“Do you want a spanking, Candy? Mind your tone.”

“No.” She sounded exactly like a disappointed child. “This isn’t a very fun game.”

Bob sighed. “Look. Maybe I have something that will make up for you not getting
an ice cream cone. I have something that’s sort of like a Popsicle only not cold. Would
you like to see it? And then if you want, maybe I’ll let you suck it.”

Immediately her face brightened. Again she clapped her hands together. “Where
is it? Show me.”

Bob reached for his zipper and slowly drew it down. Beneath, he wore a pair of
plain white briefs. The hard ridge of his cock was clearly outlined by the cotton fabric.

“Why don’t you pull down my pants and see what’s underneath.” His voice was a gruff
rasp he was so fucking turned on.

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