Monday, 12 July 2010

So as part of my shunning society thing

I've decided to ditch my padded bras. I am most definitely the size I am but sometimes when I wore the clothes without the padded bra I could see, oh my boobs aren't the main thing sticking out of my body, in fact I noticed one could even call them small, certainly in the society we are in what with the melon fascination. Mine are just fine, round and more than handfuls but they'd be airbrushed to hell if they appeared in a magazine. I've seen the comments on any type of sag in a woman's breasts. Mine though round, sag. It's obviously natural and I ain't wearing a certain type of bra to correct that. I wasn't wearing the padded bras for that purpose before, my purpose was to have them stick out, but I'm buying into the whole western ideal shit by wearing a padded bra. Not that I'm throwing away all my department store clothing and wearing stuff that would conform to the non conformists. My point, they're good breasts and I ain't bothered about having them noticed because I put my comfort first. I love having them free and not bound by some weird matieral, my current bra is a scrap of lace and I can see my areolas, I'll take that any day over the false pertness of a padded bra. It's too much with the levels in this society, she's tall but so and so is taller and I want her/to be like her. She's busty but so and so is more busty I want her /to be like her. You can stick your evolution theories up your arse and your crap about men mating with so and so to get so and so children, if I can mate with someone over deeper reasons that the size of their dick or height then you can too, you're just a superifical dick otherwise and as part of the society that you may mock.

I will express my sexuality the way I want to not the way the man wants. I've always done that anyway and to be honest I don't find compliments great when they're from someone who only likes it when things are in their face, they have to be able to be broadminded, as well as single minded or perhaps specfic is the term. No- I want a good little girl and she has to be a little plain so she doesn't get all the attention from men- shit. Men who take out their frustration of the so called attractive women that fuck them over on other women are shitter than a gold digging ho type of woman, at least these women are going after their little dream.