Thursday, 22 July 2010

Comfort Object by Annabelle Joseph.

I picked up this book after a recommendation. I then saw it was featured on blogs including one of my new favorite authors, Kitty Thomas.

Of course with Comfort Food deep in my system (trust me both these books have comfort but they are to me meant in different ways)I knew I wouldn't be able to commit to Comfort Object that easily.

But let's face it I'm horny as fuck.

I didn't have a problem with Jeremy even before I read his pov. People were saying he was cold, an asshole. Actually no he just went after what he wanted and yeah so it wasn't a nice guy approach or moral but I haven't particularly cared for moral or nice in that respect. I like nice in a guy, but I also like bad in their approach. Jeremy is a bad, naughty, wicked man. The language in the last chapter. Oh MY Jeremy!

And the heroine a pushover? Are you fucking kidding me?! In fact I was feeling like a fish out of water compared to her strength. She was SO NOT a pushover. It was clear she wanted to have the fuck of her life by the man who could give her that and that's why she agreed. Okay well that's what I think anyway.

The thing is, I crave the silence Comfort Food has. Funnily enough, before we got to the story, the author of CF wrote, "To Silence, not always the enemy."

I was always one for dirty talk. Hot, hot, sticky, messy talk. But now I want the hard actions only. Comfort Food has made me crave it so bad.

And Comfort Food had less about the physical description of the heroine. Once you read a book which is more about action, less about the talk and the superficial details, I don't mean that in a bad way but I don't know what other description would fit as a one word description, then for me it means you applaud when it's done in books. Everyone has their way of writing however.

Comfort Object is a long ebook, something I like. I like to know more, I like more to read so I will enjoy reading the rest and post back if something paricularly affects me. For now I will just say it's really good but I'm still in love with something else.

Although I don't know if I have a crush on Jeremy or he's too loud and insulting with his language- when he's actually insulting her. He's a hard man for sure, but I like them like that. And Nel is AMAZING. Though I'm guilty of it too, I'd like more of a backstory, I know people can take a liking to each other but very often it just comes off as a looks mixed with a certain thing kind of affair. This applies to every story, mine too.

I am now coming around to say red hair being this strong thing to a male. You know, before I used to think what if it wasn't for the hair but I'm getting more on board with preferences. I don't hate men for it anymore.


  1. I loved Comfort Object (and Jeremy as well)!

  2. 初次拜訪,踩踩您的格子,跟您拜個碼頭囉~~..................................................................

  3. Kitty, nice to see your comment here. Yay, that made my morning. Yeah, I think I have a crush on him.