Sunday, 9 May 2010

This is an explicit post. I thought I'd say the one lthing I have to say

complete with "warning" because maybe some of you have this on your blog updates and don't want to know EVERYTHING.

But this is express your kink so it ain't gonna be shy, as you know and expect no doubt.

I was taking some nude photos of myself and first of all are cmaera phones any different to webcams in terms of accuracy? Each mirror can make your body look different but I think some cameras may distort or magnify on certain angles, you'd know if someone took a picture of you in which your face is kind of above the camera if you know what i mean, like an "upshot" (that's so not the right term). My point, my webam makes me look different and facially too, it's different to how I look through a standard non phone camera. I'm not critical of my appearance in the way others are but I'd love to get like a best shot, that kind of thing. Not "slimming" or any of that b.s. just flattering.

Also I want bigger boobs and wider hips but NOT through surgery. My arse I love. I'm not a big fan of Kim Kardashians, looks like she gets butt implants even if she doesn't, I like them more soft and creamy and still pert but less bun-ish and cartoonish.

I like my boobs all right, they are incredibly sensitive and responsive but I'd love to have them fuller when they haven't been played with or when I'm aroused (when am I not?) but not horny. And same goes for my hips, I'm soft but I want to look more womanly and a little more exaggeration between my small waist and my hippies.

Is there something that can pump your boobs up a bit? Pregnancy makes your tits sag but of course with pregnancy comes the milk part, oh no did I just imply erotic lactation, OH NO,!, and I just think that when the pain lessens and the intolerable sickness goes, the stuff that turns people off like lines, stretch marks, I have those already, I have a dimple too I like it, and leakages (not talking urine here) is erotic.

Well I never claimed to be a PhD.

And I think breast feeding is erotic but I wouldn't look at a woman breastfeeding in public and gawp like some aroused tit. I think women should be able to breast feed in public and if you find it erotic, you need to get over that when you're in public and if you find it repulsive you need to get over that. Period. How are you gonna to cope with life then, do you get repulsed really easily, close your eyes and lock yourself in your house?!


  1. Bodies? You work with what you got

  2. "silicone parts are made for toys"

    Sir Mix A Lot. lol.