Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Slowburn

Previously to this,


The wildest feelings are coursing through my veins,
I feel like I will never stop pressing my pussy against your cock
Please all of you, body and soul, fuck me forever.

Mel's body was on fire as Michael fucked her. When he came it was inside of her, his enlarged cock just burst come out inside her pussy and she heard his shout. Her pussy wouldn't stop convulsing for minutes, it was so intense, she just held him as he lay on top of her. He tried to get out but she didn't care, just held on.

"I'm too heavy" She heard his whisper.

"No you're not." With her throat cleared, he could hear her. "Stay in me forever."

Mike kissed her. "Will you marry me Melanie?"

Well, he was looking straight in her eyes and that reality collided with her surprise and "unreality" over his question. He wanted to marry HER? It made sense to her to marry him but,really he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?

"Think about this seriously, Mike." She whispered.

He stroked her cheek.

"What?!" Fucking douche had taken out of her and flipped her over on her stomach! Shit! YOU SCARED ME, she was about to scream.. she felt his lips, his tongue on her anus.

She couldn't speak if someone told her his life was in the balance, he was licking her anus. This. GOD. Was his way of convincing her? Romantic, sexy, fantastic and REAL.

He licked her bud as she felt her body squirt. I'm going to come all over your mouth, she thought. He kept on licking, licking, licking. He spanked her ass cheek and she came HARD. She could almost feel him run her juices and eat them off her butt.

He turned her around and entered her pussy again. "You're a savage" She moaned and smiled at him.

"I find I have to be around you. Accept my proposal, Mel."

When someone says storm clouds you think of them just ready to burst and erupt with heavy rain and the sky is mostly grey and there's so much water and life. Well, his eyes the day they met had nothing on what was happening there now. There were so many tears in them.

She kissed them away and said she would marry him as he fucked her pussy, thank God slowly and moaned something about making her happier than he was.

"Accepted too." She lost her body in the bed, her orgasm painful but oh so sweet. He comforted her afterwards and crooned into her ear that he was sorry. MM she would have such fun hearing him apologise for crude, slightly forceful acts. She placed small kisses on his lips and fell asleep in his arms, his light brown hair in her bosom.

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