Saturday, 8 May 2010

"Mel what is going on?"

She could feel her eyes burn with a shield of hot tears. It was early in the morning and Michael lay facing her on their bed.

"I don't know what to tell you that doesn't make me sound pathetic? Will you understand if I tell you?"

He nodded.

She barked with laughter. "No. You're so humane, you won't be able to, that's the thing."

"I've been around scum, Mel. Not just at work but I know how people can be. Criminals and apprently respecting citizens of the community" She trusted him on that.

"I know, you told me about one of your experiences." She kissed his shoulder. "I wish I wouldn't be undermined." She whispered into it. "It's by everybody. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel haunted by the past but also unable to escape. I thought things would change a little but they get worse. I wish I was paranoid but it's true and it's happening. God, Mike, I just feel like shit. Like the worst. All I do is cry.

I try my best when I'm outside. There. I'm finished. I just don't know what to do anymore. Therapy is only a way to lessen pain." She looked up at him when she said that.

"You have to really trust your therapist. I mean just, go in there with more than an open mind but write down everything they tell you. Take a notebook."

"That's a good idea. Sometimes when I feel like there might be hope, I get knocked down again. It feels like a nightmare."

"I can bet. Mel, I'm here for you every step of the way. Open up to me more, okay?"

She nodded.

"I haven't told you specifics, I don't think I ever could. ..I guess you're not happy about that. "

"I just don't want you to hurt." He shut his lips as if he changed his mind about saying something. "You do what you need to do and don't tell me everything but anytime, I'll be there to listen. Call me when I'm out, I'll always get back to you. God, Mel, I love you so much."

When Mike said that, his voice was so raw and so direct, she knew that he loved her like she loved him. From the depths of her soul.

"You can imagine if I have all this going on and being sick in love with you, I'm pretty occupied with thoughts." She smiled though it wasn't a joke.

He did his Mike breathe in deeply and half smile thing as she called it.

He kissed her, possessing her mouth.

Fuck, her pussy was wet.

"I need you in me." She bit his lips after she stopped their kiss to say that.

"Mel, I can't."

"I promise, I won't say no again."

"No, I'm not pressuring you."

"Please, fucking hell Michael, PLEASE."

"You're aroused but no, I can't."

"That time I was deeply aroused but I was just so..I hadn't told you what I had now. PLEASE. I'll go crazy."

"Masturbate. I'll do it too."

"No I need your cock." She lifted her body up rubbing her pussy against his stomach.

He raised his eyebrow. Smiling.

"Please, I could come now. Don't use a condom."

"God." he groaned

"I know you don't like them."

"Pregnant." He growled.

"Fuck yes."

"I could get you pregnant."

"Please do."

"Mel, our baby would have your face." It was the first time, the very first time she heard him say that. It broke her heart, what he said, like he fucking made it shatter through sheer pride and love.

"Fuck me, please." She almost said fuck your wife but of course he had to propose to her and she almost proposed to him nevr mind just in this sceond. they should be married anyway. She thought herself too contrary and weird to belong with anyone but with Mike, God some how they fit beautifully and perfectly.

"Love you." He said as he raised his body so his cock started entering her pussy.


  1. ""Please, fucking hell Michael, PLEASE.""

    Well, the sheer desperation in that that line says it all

  2. To say, she's hot for him..understatement.

    She is desperate for him.

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