Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Is it bad that I can't stop looking at the male members of Glee

and concentrate on coming already. They're cute but when you're REALLY horny, you need something very, very dirty. I have epic arousal going on. I want to be fucked silly. Really fucked. Silly. My body used hard and dirty. Yesterday I wanted to cure the itch, today I want to be fucked rough and sexy. A friend recommended this website to me and thank God they did, because when I read "Now you guys can see why I'm always behind answering my email! Everytime I get started on it Hubby comes in and has to suck on my tits! How is a woman supposed to concentrate with her nipples being manipulated?!.." and
"Had to do my man at the office this week. He came back from the gym HORNY today (he must have seen a pretty girl or something there, lol..). I wasn't really "dressed" for the update but he had his cameras there and when a man needs to cum a man needs to cum!"
I know that's who I am inside. I wonder what people see when they look at me, is it pretty- I'm not flattering myself because I don't believe in beauty ideals, but quaint, not fragile rose quaint but proper..do they not see a girl, a woman with big breasts, I know people notice my boobs, I just wish they'd notice them more, a big breasted woman who's willing to spread her legs against a brick wall and get fucked outside, in the ass, in her pussy, to have several men's cocks dripping with cum, to be looked at all over like I sometimes but not often enough am, why not often enough? Because I'm not just a slut to those who find me attractive, I'm a slut period. And by slut I mean in touch with my sexuality so much so it's a fucking currency. I don't care about wrong and right now now, I'd do ANYTHING as of this moment.

I want to write but I think it's best I suck on my tits and finger my clit. My pussy is soaked. My pretty white panties are soaked. My nipples are hard through my bra and tee. I'm going to take my tits out of my bra and play on them, get them wet, nipples as wet as my pussy.

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