Thursday, 13 May 2010

It didn't last long.

I was lying on the bed to one side and my arm was in contact with my boob and hey presto, I connected hand with pussy and got myself going. I guess flesh on flesh is too tempting, even if it's clothed flesh.

I could have got off without this but I am really enjoying this Double Decker Sandwich series on literotica video on demand. It's over priced, porn is, but it's worth it, they're so animalistic, with others I've seen shows put on but this managed to combine glamour, variation, though to be honest they all have big tits and small stomachs, and this James Deen guy is really good. I think he's replaced Chris Johnson my favourite, who was a hottie but Deen is sexier. He doesn't leave any girl behind, because there's two of them, and he'll lick her boobs from under. He's really sexy in this series.

It's scene 2 which made me come.

I love big tits getting loved. The picture I have uploaded is how my boobs look once I've played with them. In porn they'd have to look like that all the time, without me playing with them. It's kind of a fantasy of mine to look like that all the time and just be a total slut in a magazine or a video. Porn is just about smut, totally animal, doesn't have to be realistic and that's reflected in appearances, female porn stars are basically to give the impression they're turned on all the time, to look outwardly what they feel like inwardly I suppose and in porn I have no problem with that. But will I be getting plastic surgery? No. Implants, maybe, it's a different story when it comes to boobs, it's not about size, it's about an image which fits with how you feel inside. It's something I'll think long and hard about though. Till then, I'm okay when mine "go to sleep" and when they wake up!

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