Saturday, 8 May 2010

My little review for the movie Kissed.

Ten years ago I watched this movie called Kissed. I loved it. I don't feel the same way anymore. But then I've changed. I'm more in touch with life and don't have girlish romantic notions even though I do believe in romance. Nevertheless, if someone watches this movie and thinks it comes across well, I'd like to talk to them.

I see things in this movie, positive things, even though I can not for the life of me relate to necrophilia, and transformation as Molly Parker's character keeps referring to, and I don't believe in her big quotes and life turning to death as being some kind of event, I do see her isolation.

When she goes to college, she meets a young man called Matt played by Peter Outerbridge, whose other work I prefer, I didn't care for his acting in this movie, it felt to me like a cariacture and actually an impersonation of Edward Cullen mixed with a moody 13 year old boy. Perhaps the actor did that intentionally.

I feel his character mislead hers. He gives her the impression he understands her, you see for a minute at their initial meeting, her expressive eyes have that interest piqued. However, it turns out that he is obsessed with her. For me, it was a selfish love he portrayed. I can't understand how she loved him because it goes against everything in her sexuality and soul. And it's not because of that that I can't understand it, but her sexuality and soul are so strong.

But I do understand that as she says she sees his intense love. There's a song in the movie that runs through the end credits of which the lyrics sound like she's singing I won't fear love, I wonder if that is I won't FEEL love. It seems the movie followed the concept of We So Seldom Look On Love a book which has the basis of the movie as a short story, it seems it followed the concept of that title in a way, that in the end she understood this young man's love and perhaps tried to take his love which we so seldome look on?

But I don't believe he was trying to give her what she wanted. I think he was selfish and that he was doing it out of his own fullfillment. I didn't see his love for her, I saw obsession. I'm in between the fact he was a psycopath, whether he was or not he across that way in the sense the actor played him poorly. Was he just be obsessed with her and loved her in his own way? Nevertheless, I felt the character Molly Parker played was above him and she did not find her soul mate or equal in him and the actress was above the actor too.

However, if the movie was about non tradiotional love which isn't about soul mates and equality or soul mates in the way I think, then it kind of worked. I say kind of because I feel it could have been better. I watched a movie called Dogtooth which was executed PERFECTLY. This movie, I shook my head at and felt cross when watching, not because of my own beliefs, but the way lines came off, like they were just lines, like this was a juicy characterisation for actors to sink their teeth into. And certainly not that this was a story about isolation, love, and, or, about someone who is different to other humans, and it didn't come off any differently to that. Like I said, I felt this was just some MATERIAL for ACTOOORS to sink their teeth into.

I'd give it 2 out 5. The song is beautiful and fits the movie but I came away disappointed and that was my general feeling from the first half hour. It was neither brave, I don't feel it pushed boundaries but perhaps it was just a simple love story, an intense love like she says. I felt confused an awful lot though, even though I don't believe what you can't understand can't exist, the movie just came off badly.

The two stars are for the style of the movie.

I didn't like Molly Parker in this, I've seen better performances which sounds harsh but there was just nothing special or true there.

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