Wednesday, 26 May 2010

more on the new mechanic.

The whole room smelled of my sex. I was wet and when I got up from the chair, it would be covered in my cum. Would he run his finger across my pussy juice?

I listened to him tell me off. I suppose you could call it a warning. Wear something that covers your arse. Wear something period. He'd sneak in a glance at my nipples through my skimpy shirt. He did this more than five times, I counted, his eyes would keep coming back to my ripe buds.

Opening my legs, I started to touch myself. He saw everything. I fingered my clit right in front of him. "Want to titty fuck me?"

His breath hitched.

It'd been a while since I had a man cover my all too willing boobs with his cum.

"Yes. I want to titty fuck you."

I wasn't expecting him to say this, I half thought he'd want to do it but to say it to me, to admit it, his honesty made me take my shirt off, and go to him completely naked, I pressed my tits together, plumping them, making them warm and my nipples even harder, I created a cavern for him. I spat down my tit cleavage, "fuck my tits."

I knelt down and felt my pussy drip, my arousal down my thighs.

He took his zipper down and his cock jumped out.

Hello. Hard, red, wet. Already wet.

I let go of my tits and leaned in close to his cock. I ran my nipple across the main part of his cock. It was now wet with his pre cum.

When I looked up I saw him horny to the point of explosion. I pushed my tits together again."Fuck." I moaned when he stuck his dick between them. "Fuck." His hot cock pushed into between my mounds of titflesh. "Keep fucking them."

"Dirty slut."

I smiled up at him.

"Uh." He was well and truly fucking my tits now. We were both moaning.

"My pussy is so wet. Fucking my tits makes me so hot." I gasped.

"Like that? My hot cock between your globes. Want me to spurt my cum over them."

"Yeah blow your load all over my nipples."

"Ah." He pulled put of my tits and stoked his cock. His cum flew in my face and I pushed my boobs up so they could catch all of his release.

"Keep coming. "

"Lick it up."

I stuck my tongue out. He jerked more so it went near my mouth. I got a bit on my tongue but the rest went on the side of mouth. So licked it, mouth wide open, tongue exposed as much as I could.

"Back on your boobs." He wacked his dick against my titties. I pushed them up so I could get all of his cock between them and have my mouth suck his head.

"I've still got more cum, baby."

"Mm" I worked his dick like a whore. My tits and lips touching his cock and touching each other. He pushed my nipple into my mouth.

"Yeah lick all of my cum." He growled, his head tilting back now.

"Yeah OH." More and more of his cum flew out and I moaned low as I licked it off my nipples, "MMMM."


  1. Great picture - a man holding his cock like that is so hot - and regardless what you say - you have to seriousy consider getting yourself published and $$ for your talent

  2. Wow, thank you so much. Well I'm thinking of turning it into a phone sex buisness for me because I'd like to get sexual satisfaction from it as well as money. I'm enough of a pervert to get satisfaction without getting it if you know what I mean.

  3. Well put! Oh HELL yeah.