Saturday, 15 May 2010

More on The New Mechanic.

(First and previous installment

My drive to the garage was smooth. I was making a list of things I needed to buy tonight to make sure I wasn't so empty inside.

Inside the garage, I found a note, "See me in my office." It was my boss. I should go home and change. But I didn't.

"Come in." He said after I knocked.

When I walked in, I saw his face down in his papers. Past few weeks, he'd been incredibly busy, and his fairly big desk showed papers going into each other, it was all white and coloured folders and, he had pen marks on his hands.

I felt my sensitive pussy contract a little when he looked at me, because he looked me all over.

He took off his glasses and looked me over again. He didn't say anything. I felt so wet.

"Take a seat" he said lowly.

I tried not to fall over my heels.

"Late night?"

"Yes." Anything to avoid the reality that I wanted to get fucked dirty hard and hot in the garage.

"We have a reputation to keep here."

"Yes." I moaned. I such a bimbo in cases like these, I never stood my ground, I just gave sleepy eyes to him.

He only looked at me again, with confusion and I didn't want to say it but actually I think he had a hard on.

"Come here." He said this as though it just slipped his mouth.

I stood up, so, so wet. I really needed to be fucked.

I walked to him.

He turned his chair towards me. So I walked closer.

I hadn't seen his eyes before. He always wore his glasses, he always kept a professional distance, he was the most polite human being I had worked for.

"Can I touch you?"

"Of course." I moaned breathily.

His finger tips shaked against my thigh as he stroked it.

His gaze collided with mine. He'd felt my pussy juices drip onto my thigh flesh.

I spread my legs and he stuck his face between my thighs. I pulled the bare scrap of shirt I had on, to make sure he could lick my pussy.

When he did, I moaned and stroked his hair. He had gelled it so it was slick, so it wouldn't dare interfere with his work, I cried out loud as he bit my pussy lip.


He spanked my ass cheek and I'm sure I squrited some come into his face. He rubbed his whole face against my pussy and licked me all over. This wasn't about finding my spot, rubbing my button, working my bud, this was sexy, dirty, animal, hot, sticky and extremely wet soaked sex. Which was now all over his face. It didn't take me long because he was so hot and when I looked at him, I imagined him putting his glasses back and then cleaning my come off his face.

Did you like that, I wanted to ask. Do you want to fuck me in the ass now? What about YOU? I can suck a mean dick. I want to titty fuck your cock. I want you sucking my boobs against the wall, I won't mess your desk up I promise, Sir. I just glazed at him dreamily and went back to the chair on the opposite side of him.

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