Wednesday, 4 November 2009

More on Those Two

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I had mixed dreams last night. Although it was annoying part of me enjoyed waking up early hours of the morning, I got to stay in bed and I had just woken from a delicious dream.

My dreams were vivid. Last night I dreamt someone was licking my pussy. Frank I know but I could picture it all wet, alive and pink for this person. It seemed he had me in front of a crowd of a few people. He was walking around me telling me and them what a beautiful pussy it was. Of course that made me grow wetter. I'm sure I dreamt he was eating me out in front of these men and one woman. I don't recall that part so well but I woke up throbbing and stuck my butt out as if someone was in bed next to me.

Or perhaps it was a not so old habit from when James was sleeping with me.

James was still away and since last night where I hung up on him, or was it this morning, we hadn't spoken. We would speak tonight unless he was feeling particularly sadistic. The gorgeous freak.

I dreamt I had babies. I was in charge of looking after these small creatures. Two of them I think. I could romanticise and tell you it was one boy and one girl. I don't know.

When I woke up I felt responsible. And horny. I had masturbated before I slept. I couldn't help it. I googled tits. Then fake tits. Then hard nipples. As I googled I started to touch my own hard nipples. I was wearing a white t shirt and I knew that always made them look bigger. Almost gigantic if reflected from the right surface.

I came and imagined both James and Scott.

I woke up knowing I wanted to do something about those two afterall. It was a very sexual relationship except I had to tell James about the relationship with Scott part. James was my boyfriend. Scott was my sometime I suppose you could call it "fuck buddy." I felt a connection with this quiet young man. I felt we were alike in some ways.

And there was a time James and Scott fucked me together. They didn't have any attraction for each other, or did they? But I didn't care so much about that. It was just two cocks in me. Not just two cocks but their two cocks. And James had watched Scott fuck me before he pulled him away and took me in his arms and possessed me on the carpet of his room.

So I woke up and got dressed. Underneath my clothes I wore no underwear. I was glad I shaved yesterday. I was bare and so sensitive. For Scott.

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