Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Those Two.

I waited to see if they were still there. They were always talking to each other, deep in conversation. I wanted in.

One was in his twenties I would say, quite tall, brown hair, contrast to his eyes, milky skin, lips that were noticeable. He wasn’t a pretty boy though. He'd come in bag on his wide shoulders, sweatshirt over his stained soccer kit that he wore. Until his friend arrived, not a peep was to be heard out of him. He even opened the door quietly. Sat down quietly.

His friend, probably similar age, taller, darker hair, leaner build, t-shirt, jeans, made more of an entrance though not showy. He'd come in, long confident strides towards his friend, buzzing it would seem and they'd fall into a conversation of whispers.

I KNOW they weren’t talking about work, or the books and leaflets they had open.I decided today that I would take the plunge and approach them.

I didn't care if I was made a laughing stock. I was just so horny to be honest.

"Hi" my voice came out kind of breathy and I silently thanked God. I straightened my posture, stuck my boobs out and looked them both over, I didn’t care if that looked foolish, "Mind if I sit?"

The taller one looked me over and I kept my gaze in between them both. His friend moved the books to one side, "Sure" his friend said.

I hated the taller one but I sat in between them anyway. Just to annoy. And when I sat down, I almost moaned because I was quite wet already.I fiddled with my short hair and through the corner of my eye I noticed them both looking at me.

I knew at least I had the attention of the NICE guy.

I confirmed by crossing my legs and leaning back, slowly running my eyes across his milky hand, up his arm and then into his blue, blue eyes. I felt him gasp. Just as my gaze drew closer to his lips, I heard the one on my left move his chair. I glanced over. He was really looking at me now. That’s better. I smirked ahead.

I let my hand reach over, and my long, red fingernails scrape the side of his cock through his jeans. I could feel him jerk. I moved my hand now stroking him through his jeans, he was so hard. I didn’t bother looking in his direction.

His friend, the nice one, leaned over and placed his mouth over my tits. I have always been incredibly sensitive in that area. I have large breasts, that felt as though they could burst through my top. His lips moved over the side, on top, through my top. I leaned back but at the same time kept my right hand on his friend's jeans covered cock. When I felt lips wrap around my left nipple, I moaned at the same time as the young man whose cock I was stroking. I writhed leaning back in my chair purring like a horny slut.

I didn’t care who was looking at me.

I was beyond anything at this point. I leaned on the ground, taking my tits out of the other guy's mouth and took out the cock I was fiddling with and gave him a blow job. Blunt. But I needed his big dick inside my mouth. I felt the other guy , nice guy, go down on me, his lips licking and sucking my wet pussy. I guess at some point he must have taken my jeans and thong off.

I kept sucking the taller guy’s cock, up, down, right at the back of my mouth, in my throat, porn stars had nothing on me. I knew he loved it because he was growling a little. Mmm it was soo hot and I was gonna come any minute the way the guy behind was eating me out. Fuck. I shaked my arse knowing I was very near. Ohh. The guy behind slapped me hard. I hadn’t expected this sort of behaviour from him. Oh yes I was wriggling myself very much now. My boobs smashed against the one in front’s jeans, their sides must have been poking out. I stuck them on his knees. I really need sucking badly.“Come in her" The guy in front of me said. "Come on.” He whispered. I couldn’t wait...

I attempted to beg, gagging on his dick.I heard a zipper tear but the guy behind didn’t enter my pussy, he entered my arse hole. Shit. But then he was moving and it was ok. He soothed my buttocks with his hands, I felt like he wanted to ask if I was fine. I was now. He moved faster and was fucking me actually fucking me like a savage! So good. I felt soo hot. I'm such a dirty slut baby.I looked at the guy in front, straight ahead in his brown eyes. The guy behind had lifted my body up a bit and so I tried to stick my boobs out which were incredibly heavy to tempt the guy in front. I couldn’t resist, I pinched a nipple. Shit. I almost fell over. And got a hard smack! as a result from the guy behind. Oh alright, my shoulders would have to make do I guess. I tried mashing and moulding my tits against each side of each arm of mine. “Fuck” the one in front moaned. Yes I’m really getting to him, he was going crazy.Uh I could feel he was so so close, In fact he was close ages ago but he was trying his best to draw it out. Best job of his life, I don’t blame him. Sorry but it's true.He growled and took his cock out of my mouth. Ohh shit, he stuck it between my tits. He used his hands to work my tits over his cock. Ohh that felt wonderful. Like he was sucking them but dirtier, better. He mashed them all over his long thick penis and his balls touching my softest parts. Mmm I wished my hands could be free I would have had him suck me whilst I took him back in mouth. Oh fuck, fuck I was going to come, the guy behind me was going wild, I knew he wanted to come so bad. “You two I cant take it anymore” I groaned., “Come.” They did. One deep in my arse, my body used, my pussy feeling neglected and tingly and his cum dripping out of my back hole. The other, on my tits and my throat and chin.

Im trying to think what it is that I want from those 2. I thought I wanted some sort of relationship. Well not after that encounter. Do I want to have sex with them again? Not sure. Leaning on the yes, only because I want to have sex again. I would like to see them again though. I'd like to see them watching me masturbate for them. No, for myself. But they want IT.

Maybe fucking another guy. Or making love to a woman. Its kind of a departure for me. Ive always liked nice people and from friendship and good company develops something more. Or maybe love at first sight. Romeo and Juliet have a lot to answer for. But thats not what keeps me awake at night if Im honest. I NEED. I WANT. I need to fuck. I want to be fucked. Taken. Used. And tease, oh boy do I WANT to tease. Act like the unavailable dirty slut. And this is normally unlike me. Though I am fond of the acting unavailable bit, yes I do like that thought.I want to touch myself as I remember our encounter.

The more I feel my pussy agaisnt my jeans, the more Im ready to come. I remember getting up off the floor, the guy in front of me zipping his pants up. He looked at me and I looked at him. The other guy behind, I kissed him straight on the lips. He was sweet. I walked away. I could feel them staring at me so I made sure my hips swayed more, my bum appear more pert. I had a grin on my face because I had just smeared the cum he shot all over me into my tits. Onto my neck, like perfume. I smelt so dirty and wonderful. I hadnt bothered wiping off much of the last remaining drops. I didnt care who saw me. This was my shedding my old self and saying fuck you to the world. After all, this is all I ever wanted. To be an animal. To be some force. huh! That sounds pompus. But can you imagine, I just had sex with two guys, who had quite a reputation at work for being very professional, well at last quite serious. And there they were losing it over a curvy little slut like me.

I walk into the bathroom and shut the door. I lean against the wall. I think I could have been fucked 20 different ways and my tits would still be heavy and bursting out my top. I lift my top over them, teasing my nipples and taking them in between my finger tips. cupping my breasts, loving them with my hands. And then my other hand going to my aroused pussy. I stick it under my jeans, my thong is torn anyway, soaked up the previous cum. I shaved, have been shaving and it feels even more sensitive. I stick one large melon breast up to my mouth and lick it. Almost there. This time i got my nipple. God that feels so good. Ooh. Sht i think i need a cock in me again. Two men, one fucking my pussy and another my arse hole. Or maybe just one man.. But i also need a good titty fuck. Mmm i get my other tit in my mouth. My tongue swiping the nipple. Yeah please.I writhe against the wall, my arse rubbing against it and..( maybe longer next time if you know what I mean)

I walked into his room. The taller one's. I needed to take the edge off.“Come in” He looked me over.I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic by me not knocking on his door. I couldn’t care about nice and polite around him.“I heard you caused quite a scene”

We weren’t looking at each other when he said this, I was touching his books on his desk. Neatly placed but well worn.“Mm” Was all I managed. I turned around to face him. I looked at him as I remembered the scene earlier when I started an argument with two colleagues over nothing. So?

He was looking at me and now got off his chair, walking towards me where I leant against his desk.Very very close to me, leaning forward he whispered “Bitch” in my ear.I was breathing very heavily by him being so close maybe. I didn’t know until I looked down and saw my button open. His teeth scraped over that as he had to lean down considerably, my cotton blouse not hiding my boobs, I didn’t care what anyone else had thought. I didn’t bother with a bra though I needed one.

Using his teeth, he opened the button below and the one below that. I felt a scrape of teeth against my nipple. Both my breasts were exposed to his mouth. He spent his time sucking my breasts, alternating between each one, getting both nipples nice and wet, suckling them, using teeth, mashing half of breasts with his lips, growling and groaning, not caring about me as I half near toppled over. I couldn’t place my hands on his head, run my fingers through his dark brown hair, he didn’t care, my breasts were covered with his saliva, nipples plopping from his mouth now red, hard as glass, swollen.“Uh!” He slapped my pussy. Oh please..I needed him to spank my arse. He looked me in the eyes, his mouth leaving my breasts now very very heavy and feeling unbearably round and soft.

He roughly turned me around, I almost fell over the desk, it didn’t stop him, SLAP!. "Ohh" I wiggled..he growled..SLAP he got the other arse cheek..”Still” growled roughly..”ohh” I just needed more..he spanked me in earnest now, alternating between each cheek and both of us groaning and moaning loudly. Was the door even closed?“Yyou make me crazy” Fuck he stuttered. He never does that. “I need your tits again." Oh..He was rubbing his trouser covered crotch over the back of me, “sit on me” His voice was very rough.Very awkwardly, he took me to the ground with him. He was on the floor and I on top of him. I was a grown woman on top of him. It was ridiculous and yet we were so horny..like animals..

I clumsily moved my way up to his face, my pussy now being eaten. He made lewd lewd noises. “Oh James” I soothed, running my hands over his chest. His hands mashing and squeezing my boobs.I knocked back and forwards against his face, I’m glad I didn’t wear panties and wore a skirt though not short, still “ohh FUCK!” He groaned loudly. He now pushed me away, almost off him. And he got up, taking me with him though he was actually shoving me against the wall the other end of the room. We slammed against it. He half lifted me around him, “all in” He smoothed my hair away with his own and looked me straight in the eyes as he fucked me and fucked me.“Slut” he moaned eyes never leaving mine, we fucked like animals. I was writhing and my breasts were being shoved against the front of him and occasionally he would suck them but oh man! “I’m in charge” he ordered.“Yyeah” He was.Oh fuck! We came together! We both milked very last drop out of each other and then he withdrew.

I collapsed against the wall.He shakingly and breathing like a mad man, fell onto his chair. He leaned back, brushing his now sweaty short hair away from his face, his cheeks very flushed, and looked at me almost upside down.“Next time, you deicide whether you want him AND me” He whispered. I couldn’t place his voice. He sounded peculiar…and his eyes looked a bit ..cold though they were brown like mine and it was odd considering what we had just been through.Was he jealous?I wish I could be one of those frail little bitches who men love to help. Not because I want men who love to help but because right now, inside I was frail. Outside, I know I looked the opposite. I wanted my pain to be pretty and whimpering. But it wasn't. I felt tears run down my sweaty cheeks. I got up off the ground, with my clothes stuck around me, butt sticking out, hands with carpet marks and all this whilst he watched, giving nothing away. A-hole.I felt a surge of stubborness, as if i would rearrange my clothes; fk you.

"Walking away?"

What?He had his glasses on and his head in his hands. I hated and "loved" the tormented look he had. He was massaging his head with his fingers. Not that long. I always thought his fingers long like his frame but they weren't. It made my heart make a weird beat."Next time I choose him" I said as I pinned him a look, making sure I took my time to leave his room. Especially in my slutty state.He didnt have a response for that but I noticed he slowed with the fingers, almost stopping.I didnt expect he would come running after me because I had no expectations but the fact he didnt, made my freedom bittersweet. I was free to fuck who I wanted. But whom exactly did I want to fuck?

This afternoon was intense. This morning in the library was HOT. Those two, one in my arse, one in my pussy, I could take it again. Taking care of myself afterwards, making myself come in the bathroom toilets was a small release but what we just went through now..i never felt a cock rammed that tight in me, like we were one.I wondered if this was the pitiful womans state. Developing feelings after the screw. If his friend joined us, I would have had feelings for them both. His friend was nice, cute..Why cant you come after me? I thought. Just make that gesture. And I still felt horny. I was wiped out but I needed fucking again. What about coming between my tits? What about ramming hard from behind? What about another blow job..God baby I love your cock, the fact it was his, the fact he was someone who rarely spoke but had every one hanging on his every word, the opposite of me, succesful, fucking bastard we didnt use a condom.I could imagine being pregnant with his child. I would love him suck the milk out of my breasts. Spanking my now fat butt, it jiggling as he entered me, my face in our bed, with our child still in me, using me, tying me..I almost fell over as I saw some people approaching. I didnt even have the urge to cover up and I stared at them, looking them straight in the eye and all over too as they were me.I'm fucking his colleague in front of him next time I thought. Because if he wasnt jealous I would make him so. Just for laughs.

I woke up, my head heavy. For some reason I dreamt of him. The one I fucked yesterday. So what better way to get him out of my system than fuck the other one today. Even though I was exhausted, I could stil find the energy to cackle. And its not like fucking the other guy ...or have him fuck me.. would be a chore. I thought of his broad chest, innocent eyes and hard dick.Getting ready wasn't a chore anymore. Not that I wore clothes to seduce before, no matter what I wore, my breasts always jiggled too much or my bottom looked too round, i wasnt fat so I didnt think I needed to bother with control garments no matter how much the slender girls turned their noses up at me. And my figure was always soft, accessible and oh so un lithe. I thought of going braless and knickerless, just wearing jeans and a tshirt. And guess what, I did.Walking out, I felt free. I knew where he was. I would go find him straight away. If he was having breakfast, I'd let him eat it off me. What did I care about properiety?

MMm he WAS in his office. I enjoyed looking at him. He was the prettier of the two, well the more gentle looking. If he talked more, he'd have floods of women all over him. But he was so..unassuming. And non aggresive. Well ..maybe not. I knocked."Hey." He actually smiled at me. Some how that small thing made me want to giggle. So I did."Can I come in?" I was being polite, maybe a bit on purpose. Oh I don't know..I found that sometimes I wanted to put on a slight voice and act just a bit shy and helpless. "Yeah" He said softly. He looked fucking amazing today. The light caught on his mousy brown hair, something Ive always been a fan of, and made me almost trip. "Are you alright?" He asked.

"Y..No..No I dont think I am. " I whispered. Fuck I sounded like a little girl.There was a table near the window like in the other one's room. This guy didnt have any books there though. So I leant against his desk and stuck my chest out. I pouted just a little.He got up and walked towards me. He kissed me on the lips very gently. It was just a soft slight movement of his flesh and I went wild and writhed beneath him. He was leaning over me. Looking me in the eye, he unbuttoned my jeans and .."Oh God." He moaned as he saw me bare.I could tell he wanted to..oh but no maybe he would suck my clit another time.."I'm going to fuck you hard." It was a soft voice.

"Please" I whispered.I thought I would need to suck his dick or something but as he took his trousers off and shucked away his boxers, he was fucking beautiful already."Get it in me" I moaned.He did, gradually at first both of us crying out. And then..yes..oh YES...it was SO good..he kept moving in me and i leaned further back but he had his hands on my arse and then switched to my legs lifting them up. I was surprised at his strength though now I could see his thick arms. His biceps showed."Oh more ..more" I crooned

"Fucking my whore are you?" Oh my god it was the other guy, James. I shifted against..oh fuck i didnt even know his name...James was more talkative so everyone knew him but this one..Was it just me or were James' eyes a little red? Fucking hell, what a stupid notion.."AAH more please.. please" I moaned to the other guy. He began moving in me again and I saw yes he was excited by this too. Me being fucked without abandon, just taking me in front of someone anyone it would be a crowd...or maybe it had to be James...".OH!!"As I was being fucked, my legs in the air, I saw James watch, stroking his dick beneath his trousers. "Mmm" The sound came from me. He walked closer and closer, and then he wacked his friend out the way and took me in his arms! Oh God I almost came from the strength in them and then..."Why?.." He just kissed my mouth shut.

Carrying me out of the room, I saw his friend on the floor, stroking his dick finishing himself off but he was grinning. After James finished fucking me, first him on top with me underneath making my pussy spasm so hard, on the floor which he had layed his coat and a blanket on, and then second time with him taking me from behind, fucking my anus with his finger as his cock ravaged my pussy, he came hard and rest his head on my back. So I asked him, "What does this mean?" And he said, "It means you and I and no one else." We would see about that I thought, I had plenty of desires and goals, i wanted a menage two hot bi guys, one hot woman but I kept quiet. Knowing he had stopped the the other guy making me pregnant and that James was the only person with the right to do so, I smiled and felt warm inside. The fact he was going wild over my tits didn't hurt that either.

The End. For Now.

Sequel to Those Two. (because good things cum in two's and I get really horny).

It took me a couple of days to prepare myself.

James had left for a writers conference. He almost blackmailed me to come with him. The thing he blackmailed me with was beyond deprivation. That sounds almost funny. It wasn’t. I can’t even type what it was.

Anyway, it turns out I didn’t go with him.

I think he was upset but I told him that my soul is more important than sex, some shit like that and that I would need to do all the things I needed to do over sex. He asked me if I loved him. I told him I did. Because I did love him.

He would make love to me hours on end, I’m not exaggerating, he had so much power, and he would tell me over and over that he loved me. Once when he told me this after the blackmail thing, I said that he may just be saying that because he would miss my cunt whilst he was away. He spanked me so hard..I still have the marks.

He was not an easy boy to distract myself from. He got under my skin..I know he actually had a habit of doing that with people in general.

The thing is I still had his friend on my mind too. No, that’s not why I didn’t go with James. No one would ever come in the way of my having the best time on earth.

When James was around, we would barely get out of the room, it was just him and me, just us two. I missed a week’s fill of work. I didn’t care. I had a lot of fucking to do. I WANTED to see his friend again. I didn't have a need, it was pure want. I thought about him a bit even when James was around. He gave a shit about me and he was the prettiest boy I had ever seen. Not make up, side swept hair pretty but just a little vulnerable looking, soft despite his fit body.

And the opposite to James.

I would cheat on James if I had to. My life, not that I’m making excuses for my slutty behaviour, but here’s the thing about me, I’ve never had it “normal.” I was told and made aware I would never have it normal. So I didn’t fit in life’s little boxes and categories and I didn’t stick within the rules.

Yes, I wanted his friend. I wonder if he was fucking another girl. But no girl would be like me.It wasn’t this that had been playing around in my mind for a few days, rather it was what exactly I would do to his friend. And what exactly I wanted done. (Everything). I teased and teased my body, getting myself wet, having phone sex with James, hanging up on him on purpose with him ringing me up and threatening me sexily, making me come in my white little panties, sending me explicit emails about fucking me doggy style, using my body, not caring if I came, even handcuffing me naked to a desk leaving me there and having a random one off stranger savagely fuck my breasts. I teased and I ached. But the first cock I wanted in me anywhere in me after this time was his friends.

“Where’s James?”

I walked into his friends room, wearing a smile and some new clothes. His friend basically just dismissed me in one look and a question but I didn’t let my smile vanish.

I knew I was wearing my new tan flat shoes but I didn’t think I was quite so hideous. Of course I never did in comparison the reactions of others.

I laughed. That’s what I do. “And hello to you too.” And then I added, “I hope I’m not keeping you , from a girl or something.”

“What?” He snapped.

Woah. Was he in a bad mood.

“Listen, I know you’re busy with your joyous packed life but don’t take it out on me. James has gone on his conference.”

“Actually I do have a girl.”

“Spiteful. Then go to her.”

“I already did.”

“Well, excellent,” I put on my best mocking tone, “Want to fuck?”


“How come?”We stood feet apart.

“ I have someone” He said quietly.

“I don’t care.”

“Fine, then take your top off.”

“Smooth. Make me.”

“I’m not sure if I want to”

“Oh honey that wont work. You fucked me last week, I know you don’t find me too repulsive. I want another one. From you.”

“Work for it.”

“I’m forever working for things.”

“Fine. Then I’ll masturbate in front of you.”

“I cant hardly wait."

He went to his bed and picked something up from underneath his pillow.He threw it at me.I almost cried. Why was he being so mean? HIM? Why?

“Anime” I moaned despite myself.

“I jerk off to that every night.”

“When you don’t have a girl..”

“Listen I have a fucking girl! I just wack off to porn in the night and fuck her in the day!”

“That’s what I’d do” ( I would).

“Fuck off.” He smirked viciously.

“You’re a real bastard. I didn’t think you would be.” I whispered.I started to leave his fucking room. But I was turned on by the character on the cover. Some doe eyed big boobed Japenese slut with creamy skin and small bow lips.

“She reminds me of you” He said. He was. .Right. Behind. Me.I was torn between “get in me” and “I hate you“, instead I just stood there and felt a tear rush down my cheek.

“I’m sorry” He said and turned me around. I got his chest. He hugged me.I cried against his shirt, all my frustrations coming out.He softly touched his palm against my cheek, I looked up expecting to see something else, instead I got his soft blue eyes and all their intelligence and care.

I cant explain what happened next, except we both cried out as we kissed passionately. His tongue stroked mine, my tongue stoked his, his teeth nipped my bottom lip and I moaned loudly and then he whispered, sorry again but his lips never left mine. We tore each others clothing off, it happened so fast and I was ready completely ready for his aroused dick in my cunt.He had me against the wall and then he buried his face in my boobs

I could barely breathe. His chin, his cheeks and his lips though closed at the minute were killing me. I didn't realise I had spoken out loud until he moaned, "I didnt catch that"

"I cant control myself when you do that" It was closer to what I felt.

He surprised me by kissing me on my lips. His hands shook as they grasped my waist and nudged me even closer. He seemed half man and half skittish youth, unsure of himself and yet ..dominant.

I wanted to tell him he could do what he wanted. Like he did the first time but as I opened my mouth, he tongued a nipple.

I was gone.

He licked the tip and told me he wanted to run his cock over that. I thought it was funny something so small could have that much power and I laughed.

He bit my neck.


He chuckled.

I actually found that noise comforting but I could still feel that bastards teeth on my skin.

"Should I apologise again?"

For some reason I found our demented little relationship erotic and I couldnt resist aching my neck and kissing his lips. We snogged frantically and I whimpered. "Do something really evil" Why oh why did I say that?

I mean I just needed him in me!

He groped my boobs with one hand whilst claiming my lips again.

"Go.."He gasped, "Masturbate on the magazine."


"You're dripping."

Not a question. My pussy was dripping and he could see.

I brushed past him, both of us naked and picked up the porn. I looked straight in the eye and rubbed the front cover against my pussy. "MM" I stuck my breasts out.

He looked me all over and I saw his cock literally jerk.

I masturbated with the paper and felt it brush my very senstive clit.

I didnt touch my tits.

With both hands I masturbated against the anime porn girl on the cover and pouted and made lewd noises and I felt my nipples so hard and my breasts so incredibly swollen. I looked him in the eye all the while.

He started touching his cock. Stroking it. I looked once or twice at that as he would masturbate once or twice himself when he wasnt looking me all over and blushing.

"I'm coming"

"I'm coming Scott" He growled.

"I'm coming Scott! Im coming all..oover her. Like you wanted."

"Did I say I want that?"

"OOhhh" The sensation, his eyes, the act, my breasts, it was all too much. I came. I smiled lazily at him.

"But I'm still sensitive" I whined. He had me arms on his desk, dick entering my pussy from behind. He cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples. He murmured something and I knew what it was. In a way he was asking me if I was better ..he was too aroused to make any sense. In my own nonsense, I shoved my arse againt his powerful thigh.

"Oh!" It was both of us.

"Make me pregnant" I moaned nonsensically.

He came straight in me.

“I didn’t want you to come against her” He said. He had me in his arms but I merely lay my head on his shoulder.


“Watching you masturbate in itself is so erotic. “

“I can tell you liked it”

“I love your body” He whispered, “that magazine is literally just paper. It was stupid. You’re real, not just flesh and blood but REAL”

Did sex make him more talkative or something?

“So you don’t jerk off to that girl?”

“I do but I know why I picked up on her in particular”

“Yeah I heard your story”

“Don’t you believe me?”

I shrugged.

“Your lips are small and plump like hers. A perfect bow. Your eyes are so dark I can never tell what you’re thinking. And this skin “ He softly stroked my bosom, “is so soft. So creamy. Other girls have these brown tan breasts but I find yours are special.”

I snorted. Yeah special. That old word.


“Nothing.” I sighed against his shoulder. I wanted to let him know I liked what he said in his solemn low voice but I just stayed silent.

I was tired.

“What’s this?”


I pulled my arm away from him. He was looking intently at a particular place.I made a really big mistake looking into his eyes. He looked a little horrified.But he wouldn’t let me pull away.“

Fine. I cut myself.” I whispered.After a minute, I think I saw his lower lip tremble a little.

“It was sometime ago. Go on” I continued. He may as well ask me everything.

“Why?!” He choked out.

“I just wanted to do it. I felt pain. When I put the knife there, I felt pain on my skin and I felt I deserved it. It hurt though and I don’t think no matter how bad things get, I could ever do it again.”

When James saw my scar, he didn’t ask me. I saw him see it but I also thought I may have seen recognition. I forgot about it at that time because he had buried his penis so deeply in my pussy.

I moaned and hugged Scott. I felt some slight wetness against my cheek. He was crying.

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