Monday, 2 November 2009

Thought this was interesting. Funnily enough came up on a search for "toned" !! I'm not quite sure about double standards, thats a very easy phrase to use and I'm tempted to use an analogy but I'll stop. It's just if you look at history, you see women have suffered more than men, im probably not wrong in saying, a lot more than men..simply for the fact they are women. So whilst I think there should be equality between the genders I think it's high time women got the power.
The problem with power is it doesn't seem to share very easily.

ANYWAY, this guy talks about nice men being ignored and women not giving them the time of day. I'll talk more about this later. But I have two things to say for now; women like romance and i myself like who i like. I have gone for people that according to theory i wouldnt go for. The whole package, nice charming whatever, never really done that. It has to be someone who just clicks with you. Not even instantly. But someone who you think about. The question is do our preconceptions interfere with who we think about?

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