Monday, 2 November 2009

Introducing myself.

I don't believe in keeping desires secret. If you want to, fine. But I've been given hands and a mouth and I intend to use them. I don't want to be invisible. Or mute. Or someone unable to express themselves. If I stuttered viciously or couldn't see, I would get every help I could to make sure I could still express myself.

To me it's so important.

And I like it when other people do that. I really like it. I respect them for that so much.

The "rules", mystery, things like this; don't care. For me I prefer just doing it. For the other times, that's what role play is for!

And one more thing. This blog like I say is a diary for me. I feel it is incredibly important for you to see where I am coming from. With me, I hate mind games. I hate bullshit. So everything I have written on here is from my gut. That's how I write. Unless I needed money to survive, that's how I would live. You'd think by now we humans could live from the gut, they put a man on the moon after all.

For me that's the ultimate freedom. No I'm not talking about Neil Armstrong my friend.

And let me be more and more self indulgent, I want so much from life. But I intend to get it without compromising myself, meaning I want romance. So I won't be friending anyone I want a romance with. My friends are my FRIENDS. I'm not a woman who from friendship lust develops. I believe in passion. The people I have had anything with are those who have felt unconditional attraction for me. That is, it just exists. No explanation. No I love your personality. It's just pure raw attraction. And the personality thing may come in later. It's not as important as lust or passion. That's what I want. That's what I have gotten. That's what I deserve. That's what I'm about.

I want it all or nothing at all. No half measures. If I die without having experienced the most exquisite delight and pain, it will be because I didn't get my all. So I will never have settled for less and I will die happy with that knowledge.

Don't assume you can peg me. You can't with anyone. I'm shy. I'm fearless. I'm sweet. I'm a bitch. I want equality. I'm a slut.

So I don't write this blog to create a persona. I write because I'm kinky and I like to express myself, sometimes the kinks and sometimes not.

I am thankful for those of you who are reading my blog. I want you to be more free though and contribute. However and having said that, thank you so much for your time and knowing you are reading this, well it's not just nice of you to devote your time, it's other things too. So thanks xxxx

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