Thursday, 19 November 2009

Men have nipples and they look good, get over it and let me get some sleep!

I tell you something insomnia takes away your imagination. After the longest, coldest, windiest walk I'm physically tired too but will that help me sleep? Nope. I know the reason for my insomnia but I await medical help for this. And not something I hope which is going to be dangerous.

It could be worse.

By the way what's this horseshit about men's nipples? Some of them are sensitive and wht would you rather see? A chest without nipples? Would look mannequin-y. Plus some women like to play with men's nipples. Fuck it, men have them because women like them. Use your imagination.

This is a crappola-er than usual post so I put a pic here. Because I said lick.
God something is niggling at me but I'm trying this thing where I don't talk about it on here, like that helps me sleep any better and sleep/lack of is not why I blog anyway, rather I do something about it and sleep thinking that I may.
Holy.. I looked up this pic because I want to channel some fuck off! attitude for tomorrow (yup that's how dork me works) in the way of Troy fucking Dyer. I found this. God, look at his arms. God.


  1. My right nipple was a bit sore the other day for some reason. I started rubbing it because it was sore and it got hard...hehe. Men's nipples just aren't as impressive as women's though. ;-)

  2. Now did it get hard because of contact or were you a little aroused? Getting personal here..but then thats what this blog does to you! Personally I like a good pair of nipples on men but women's are prettier; you are right. !