Thursday, 12 November 2009

DPS fanfiction

Because life is Canon.

Okay ignore that.

But I love dps fan fiction. In case you're not aware, this is fanfiction around the characters in the movie Dead Poets Society. Oh I have watched other movies trust me. Bicentenial Man. Mrs Doubtfire. Insomnia. Oh do you see a link there? I'm shitting. I actually apart from Doubtfire and DPS havent seen those other Robin Williams movies though the man is a god.

ANYWAY the fanfiction actually..well the one I adore..doesn't refer to Keating. I sort of think of Keating as being a strictly ladies man and I also don't fancy him. I could though. Moving on, I really REALLY like the Todd and Neil fanfiction. I don't think they are gay in the movie and I think strong friendships and bonds can exist without someone labelling it or putting in some homosexual feelings. But then sometimes it just so happens you are straight and you do have the odd thought about your friend. Embrace it. Don't be repulsed.
But yes Neil and Todd fanfic not Neil and Todd movie..let me explain, you can't stop me, it's kind of written and this will probably put you off and want to hatemail the writers but it's kind of written as though Todd is the girl and Neil the boy. I do not for any second refer to same sex relationships like that BUT what I'm trying to get across is that's probably why I like this particular fan fiction. To be honest a lot of girls relate to Todd. So do a lot of boys I'm sure but there is just something about him that makes him so girly relatable BUT NOT GIRLY. Nevertheless his character in this fan fiction when he is with Neil is even more exposed and vulnerable. And shy in a way. And he just comes across as still a boy but I think more girls would be able to relate to him in this fan fiction than boys.

Another but not the main reason I love their fanfic is just the differences and yet also similarities between the two characters. It's amazing how much they are linked. But actually I read recently one character is realist and one is fantasist and that seperates the two but the union between those two key differences makes for an interesting read.

One of my stories is actually based on them and will continue to be.

However the main reason I love Todd and Neil fanfiction is their interaction. Yes not just the physical but it's incredibly romantic. And sometimes it just has that something that I don't see anywhere else. Because I'm an idiot and it's probably all in my mind when it comes to this and I have these preconcieved notions..perhaps..but nevertheless there is something about the shy person who's just unable to hide emotionally, oooh pretentious, but yes something about that person who the other lets just call him Neil does not want to change. Shy person remains shy. No catfights. No bitches. No nice dress. It's kind of a different world to boy and girl. You'll see what I mean. Google dps fan fic and get to the juice. Enjoy. I did.

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