Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Those Two ctd

I imagined a girl coming out of Scott's room. I imagined bumping into her as I was going into his room and her looking me over. So I put on my best disgusted face. My problem is I always smile when I see a human being.

There was no girl. I knocked on Scott's half closed door. There was no answer and for some reason I found myself pushing the door open slowly. I stepped inside his room. I didn't feel guilt. I felt exhiliration.

He wasn't there. I walked up to his desk. I wasn't interested in his anime like last time, I just wanted to be near something that he touched. His desk was bare. I touched it with the back of my fingers and then my palm. I wanted to lick it. There is something about cold hard wood which leaves a bitter taste nevertheless I wanted to strip off and put my saliva and pussy juices on it.

I touched my palm to the desk again. This time I placed it fully on the surface. I imagined submitting to him. I placed my other palm to the wood and as I did so I saw a reflection of my red lips in the window ahead. I liked what I saw. I was submissive and wanton and needy. I wanted him to run his hand over my skirt covered bottom. His hair would touch mine and he would caress me all over. Rough and smooth. Rough and smooth.

"What are you doing here?"

I was soon drawn out of my thoughts.

Sometimes I think James may find me like this and I wouldn't want to ruin their friendship so I'd toss my own arse out.


He didn't look angry. He stood there watching me. Then he closed the door.

I was mostly facing him but my hands wouldn't leave his desk.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." I replied. "And you?"

"Oh yeah.."He mumbled something. I always hated men who imitated some so called cool rebel but Scott did it out of shyness, so I thought.

"Do you want me to go?" I knew my voice was just a whisper. I would masturbate in my own room about him taking me.

"No." He walked up to me.

"Scott." I whispered again.

He said my name against my lips. Then he kissed me. I lifed one hand wanting to run it through his hair. But then for some reason put it back on the desk. And so I tried to lift it again.

He laughed.

I laughed against soft lips. "Laughing at me won't work, boy" I gasped.

He lifted his head and his eyes I swear turned black. He placed a hand over my stomach and leaned his head down, his eyes on my breasts. He kneeled down. I watched him touch one hand going up my sensible leather boots. When he reached my knee covered tights, I felt his warmth. He continued up and up, now on my thighs.

"OH" I watched his eyes. His hand was on my exposed pussy. This morning I had cut through the middle of my tights. I didn't wear panties. I don't know about stockings or crotchless, but I was a SLUT.

He gaze locked with mine.

He stuck his head under my skirt and touched his lips to my wet pussy. He ate me out. I felt his hands squeeze my arse as he made sure I was sitting on his face.

James did this. Scott..now he was doing it too. It only made me hornier to imagine the two men together pleasuring me.

As I had that thought I felt a sharp pinch. He fingers were plucking one my tits through my jumper. My bra was flimsy and under my fitted jumper my breasts were heaving and noticeable.

He hadn't finished eating me out when with his lips wet with my cunt juices he stuck them over my other breast through my jumper. I could imagine there being marks on my jumper from this. His other hand did not let go of my other breast. Both my nipples were hard as rocks. And he sucked on one, plucked the other and tried to mash my two boobs together still under material, trying to fit both of my nipples in his mouth.

I touched my pussy and stuck a finger in it. He break away from my breasts and saw me. I had my eyes half open and closed because I was going to come very soon. I felt my cunt drip down my thigh. Scott left my breasts and licked the cunt juice up and down my thigh.

"Shit" I moaned.

I stuck my breasts out hoping he would get back to them. He lifted my top up. We were both breathing heavily. He placed his mouth over one of my boobs and pushed my full tits together and sucked on them both.

"Scott" I fingered myself harder. I wanted to do every single thing I could to him. I wanted him to stick his dick between my breasts and tit fuck me. I wanted him to penetrate my arsehole and stretch me and spank me against his desk. I wanted him to lift me up and fuck my pussy as I wrapped my legs around his body.

He seemed to have reached down just when I felt I really needed my nipples to be sucked more and my round flesh licked and laved and he licked my finger and my pussy at the same time. I came.

I was breathing like I was starved of oxygen and my cheeks were flaming and my body and face sweaty and dishevelled. And he was in a shirt and jeans and lips the only sign anything had happened. His hair only looked sexily dishevelled.

He continued licking me, lapping up every drop on my thighs.

to be continued..

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  1. Now you've got me all hot and bothered. Suddenly I just remembered a chore I have to take care of. ;-)