Wednesday, 25 November 2009



What are you doing here? I'm not your mother


Oh fuck it. I wanted some space before I could just shout oh hey i shaved my hoo haa. I mean one doesnt just come out with that, does one? Ahem!

Well I did. I did it cos I had to get my legs waxed and quite frankly it got to the stage where my hair bush was flowing out of my knickers. You'd think it put me of mastubating. It's certainly put you off? Well fuck ...

So I'm all smooth. And boy do I love it. One thing though, lace or even denim makes it itchy and I need some cream mild enough to put there. Sudocream any good for front sides?

When I shaved, I had to be very careful to the point I wanted to hide under my covers in bed and go to sleep forever...I mean it's just SO exposed. I saw my lips, whatever the right term is, who cares,!, and I'm not the kind of girl to question if that's normal but yes..careful!

Well now I've started I intend to keep this up every week ho for show. The idea that I'm all smooth underneath makes me unbelievably aroused.

As I was getting torture waxed (only my legs...for now) I was thinking about females and body hair. For me I want to be smooth because it means I'm ready. It's there. It's available. You know what I mean. And the idea of someone wearing leather gloves against my smooth body whilst they're all dressed and I'm naked in every's very sexy for me.

But you know it's also attractive to have tan skin in the sense it makes it look more touchable. Unless they empty five bottles of spray tan on me, I'm not going to get that look so I make the most of my whitish olivey (read "yellowy") skin. It's very smooth that I will give myself.

So my "point" do what you want. Why should any woman have to do something like shave or wax her body hair if she doesn't want to? You think I'd do that if it didn't please me? HELL NO!!It's all about pleasing me. Men? Who cares. I'm in touch with my own sexuality..ooh little pathetic boast si vous plait (sp..what sp?!) to be confident with what I have regardless what they think. Occasionally I would like a man to please me but I'm all about the exploration. I can get there without a man. I get there on my own, with strangers, with women, with toys; used to hate em before, now it turns me on to even read about it.


  1. If that nice, smooth pussy gets you aroused, just think what it would do for someone like me. ;-)

    But seriously, what is it about pussy lips that makes them so irresistible? Speaking as a guy, we always like all those round, smooth parts of a woman's body so much -- the curves of the breast, butt, hips, legs or even the cheeks of the face; the smooth, soft skin. But then we go crazy over those crinkly, fleshy pussy lips jutting out there with no particular rhyme nor reason and we just can't resist sucking and nibbling on them. They're kind of ugly when you think about it, yet there's nothing in the world more beautiful. Go figure.


  2. Beautifully written.

    Actually before I used to flinch when I saw a woman's but now seeing my own I'm okay with it. But for me I like seeing a man's penis more than a woman's pussy, i still flinch a little sometimes when I see a woman but not at all for a man. As we know a woman's strength doesn't lie in that part but there is strength there. Same for a man. I like the combo of soft and hard for women and men but mostly when you like someone it's exciting to see them naked because it's them.