Tuesday, 3 November 2009


It was a shock seeing her again. He remembered the first time he saw her. It had rained that day. From a distance he could see her in her green coat.

Today, he recognised her. She looked perhaps a little different. He saw many people each working day. It took him a short time but he knew he had seen her before.

"Hello. If you'd like to follow me" He said.

He opened the door of his office to her. Once she was in, he came inside.

He closed the door and smiled to her. Walking to his chair, he told her to take a seat.

He didn't normally watch his patients every move but he was drawn to her in some way. She was not like his other patients. It was in the way she looked, the way she walked, the way she pulled the chair to sit down. There was shyness in each aspect.

Once she was sat, he felt his office feel lighter. He was reminded of the first time he saw her.

He told her his name and then asked how he could help her.

"Well, it's about my sleep. I haven't been able to sleep properly for a few years now."

He nodded.

"I wake up in the night and I get uncomfortable in the mornings."

Her voice was the same as when he first met her. He remembered now. She came to him in the pharmacy he worked at during nights. He dealt with her prescription. It was near 10 that night.

He realised he should say something. Each time she spoke, he felt her voice as though it was nearer to him than she was.

"I have your file here. " He motioned to his computer. She nodded. He wanted to help her. He typed her name on his screen. Her first name as spelled out on the form. Her writing was nothing like his. In fact possibly nothing like anyone's he'd seen. He smiled. Then he lessened the smile hovering around his lips and typed in her surname.

"Your name rings a bell." Amongst other things.

"Yes." She smiled.

Was she always quiet like this? It was funny her quiet nature compared to those he worked with everyday. He couldn't remember the last time he wasn't on his own that he had almost a minute of silence.

"I remember you." He said it without thinking. He didn't look up at her. He couldn't.

"I remember you too." Her voice would feel exquisite..

He looked up at her, just a quick glance but she wouldn't keep eye contact with him. She would look at him in short glances. Then she looked down slightly.

He could hear her swallow. Everything in the room became maginified. Was he making her nervous? As a doctor he never had a problem communicating with his patients. As this was a University town he had talked with a lot of young women about sexual matters. It was a part of his job and sex was a part of life and something to be enjoyed and celebrated.

"How did you find the previous medicine?" He asked the quiet young woman opposite him.

"It was very strong. I didn't finish my course to be honest. But my problem's almost gone."

"If you have any problems don't hesitate to come to me." Why was his voice lower and softer? A small part of him made it, but not all.

"Thanks." She said it politely but he managed to catch a quick glimpse of her smile. He wanted to make her smile again.

"So I've looked at your file, "He said her name, "If it's okay with you, can I take your blood pressure?"

She agreed to it.

He walked towards her with his instrument. He saw her stand up. She was petite. He saw her take off her coat. He gave her her space but for some reason had seen her breasts outlined through her sweater. They jiggled just a bit. And he couldn't stop his gaze going to the rest of her. Nice jeans he thought.

He watched her roll up the sleeve of her light green sweater. Her arm was exposed to him. It was pale. But not white like his own. It was soft.

He took her arm in his and wrapped the material around it.

"Is this too tight?" He cleared his throat.

"No." She said it softly and this time met his eyes. Oh Lord, she had brown eyes. And he hadn't seen ones like this for some time.

As he increased the pressure he tried to concentrate on the techinque. Once he got what he needed, he waited for a few seconds.

He said it out loud.

"Yeah" She whispered.

He got what he wanted. He touched her arm and unwrapped the binding material. Her arm was hot.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes." She said.

"Your arm was hot, when I touched it right now."

"Contrast to my hands." She said lightly.

He pulled away from her. And then walked to his seat."And mine."

When he said that, he saw her eyes. They looked full of life this very moment.

"Well, no problems with your blood pressure."

She nodded. There was a woman with a round, blushing face opposite the desk from him in the same room as him. Her hair was very dark and her eyes were even darker. And she was his patient, he had to remind himself.

Boy was she glad to be out of there. It was so embarassing. She was so embarassing. Yet she never changed. She hoped she didn't baffle or scare him too much. She knew her tendency to make people nervous or hate her. He didn't look as though he wanted to hit her like most men and women did so she wouldn't have to change her doctor.

But whatever happened it was never enough to stop her needs. And it was those needs that kept her going because she would have abandoned all hope and seen the world for what it was and left it. It was sad to know the truth and realities and it would take many revolutions to make one change but all this didn't stop her from thinking about whips, chains and kinky desires.

She took solice in the good things in life. Sunshine. Air. Music. And they would give fill her up.

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