Monday, 2 November 2009

More Slowburn

Mike tore his permit up. Friday was over.Melanie told him she needed to get away from the city. But he had a big case coming up. He told her he could leave it (he would) but she actually swore and kissed him. He wanted her to do that again, the kissing part, so he repeated what he said and she said this time against his lips, that his work meant a great deal to her as it meant a great deal to him. The way she said that.. He had a vision of her doing his tie up every morning, their own place, having wild sex in the nights, he'd be tired, she'd be tired but unless they invested in seperate bedrooms there would be no way he could resist her.

He missed her every night she had been gone. It had been roughly 8 and she wanted to go this retreat before her first counselling appointment. She was booked in to see someone out of the city because she joked she liked the big gardens. She was reminded of some movie she saw and the shenanigans those characters got up to.It wasn't One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, she said. It was David and Lisa. He almost choked on his own saliva.

The girl had a naughty streak. She was getting counselling, not full time checking into rehabilitation of any sort. He wondered if she seemed to want to.She was a completist through and through. Just wanting to get closer and closer to the truth and in this case , her truth.But then she'd be quite careless about somethings which made him consider his proposal she come should work for him.God if ever he couldn't figure a person out..And the thing of it was, he smiled, he'd keep trying.He remembered everything she said to him before she left. They had spent two days completely together.

This wasn't the first time this happened. Weekends were tricky. They literally had to drag themselves out of bed to get some food. He discovered her love for Italian. She told him it was evident in her hips. He told her he didn't care. It was her. She could double her weight, 60 to 120, he'd fuck her every day against the wall -practicality be damned.And their first goodbye to their last. He made love to her. Trying to be tender.

He had a thing about her breasts. She moaned when he kissed their plump flesh, she said she was saggy, but he thought they looked womanly and when she bent down, it turned him on.Her nipples were amazing. So responsive. They got hard in the air even. Round, brown, perky. Just the second best thing he had in his mouth. The ultimate was the taste of her pussy. Even she liked that. He saw her licking her fingers after masturbating in front of him. The whole thing made him wild. He had already shot his load but his dick jerked when he saw her take her fingers and swirl her tongue around the middle two, each by each. She looked him straight in the eye when she did that.It would be a test to see her now. So many nights without her.

He hadn't given in. They said they wouldn't masturbate. And he finished so late that he couldn't call her after work. And didnt want to disturb her in the mornings. Phone sex would be a new adventure.Just one of many.When he reached her retreat, he took out the bouquet of flowers he bought for her. It was funny actually that her going away would be the first time she got flowers from him. Before she left, he bought her a gift just to tease her. It wasn't a cd. Or a book. Instead, he was on his way to get something in that category ..but something caught his eye in the window. He thought about her wearing those sexy red satin panties, just them but then it wouldn't really be a gift for her would it? He went a step further and thought he'd make her eight days an eternity. With a wicked smile he purchased the dildo. It would be a good size for her and ooh he would love to fuck her with it after he she fucked his cock of course, but no masturbation remember? He reminded her when he handed her the gift all wrapped in pink packaging. She raised her eyebrow at the choice of gift paper and then laughed when she saw the gift. "I promise, Sir."God she needed to stop calling him that. And when she said "Detective." It was wrong he got aroused by this.

He couldn't take it so he fucked her with his fingers just before they left the house. The front door wasn't even locked. He slapped her breast with one hand under her sweater. She made a noise and he looked up to see it was similar to the time he gagged her.The less he thought about that the better. He had to try considerably hard to take his mind away. Though the image of her when they got to the retreat, was something he kept pictured. Her face had gone so..quiet. She tended to do that but this time, there was something to her that frightened him a little.When he asked her, she said the retreat reminded her of a holy place. Places of relaxation were holy to some. But he argued..then she just snuggled up to him.


"God..Melanie." He saw her as soon as he walked through the front doors.She moaned as he kissed her.

"You're blushing wildly."

She closed her eyes. Was she embarassed?

"I tend to do that. Especially in situations like this."

"I see the hot oils haven't stopped your wit" He tapped her bottom slightly.

"Mmm" She smelled the flowers.

"Oh yeah..for you."

"Gee..what next marriage?"

"Have I missed you."

"I've missed you too."

"Let me get my luggage" She continued, "I want us out of here."

"Seems a nice place though."

"Yeah. I just really missed you."He laughed with her as he took her suitcase."Yup it's just so heavy Detective."

"Mel" He whispered

"Have you got your cuffs with you?"

"Dont do this" His dick would literally burst out his pants.

"Its been hard you know not to shove that dildo in my pussy."

"I could do it now. Im so wet."

"Goddamn it Melanie."

"Mmm"He dropped her suitcase and kissed her on the lawn."Take me here."



"No.." He whispered

"Pretty please with a pink cherry and I'm not wearing a stitch of underwear..Detective..not just on top"Mike shoved his dick against her denim covered cunt. "Im going to fuck you so hard. But not here. It's not decent"

"We could get arrested"


"Exactly" she smiled wickedly.He shook his head. Somethings would never change.

"Go to that wall, stick your butt out, naked and waiting for me."

Yes the sight of her against the wall, her softness to its hardness. Her tits pushed against the surface and her arse stuck out in the cold air..

Slut, he thought. He didn't imagine she swayed her bottom slightly. Her sweater was half over her boobs and her jeans completely off.He stroked his hand over one of her cheeks. And it was better as he thought it would be with when he had gloves. She seemed to like leather. And he wanted to give it to her.

He hadnt eaten her pussy for more than a week. He sat on the ground and took one lick of her cunt, feeling her outerlips and a little of her clit.He could hear her "Oh" and he kissed her lips and clit, pressing his lips together. Then he couldn't wait and pushed his face higher. As much as he loved her thighs, toned, shapely and soft, he was starved for her wet cunt.

As he ate her out, he could her squeal. She never squealed before. So she was correct in saying she hadn't masturbated once in that week away from him."Good girl" he couldnt help but whisper but it was no use as she wouldnt be able to hear him for all his savage tongue fucking of her pussy.

"God Mike, no..I'll come."

Yes I want you all over my face he thought.

"No..No.." He almost laughed at how she tried to push away but in doing so it only pushed a part of his face between her thighs more, and he got access to more of her lips which he liked to stroke with his tongue and occasionally taking a bit between his lips and he almost wanted to bite her not her lips but deeper.

"I can't come unless you're in me Mike!" She shouted. Someone would come out he know it. And they'd watch. He was too past it to care about his job.

"Oh oh Michael. You're so good.."Come for me. Come for me he said in his mind as he sucked on her button and had his lips open against all of her pussy. She was tight but in his mouth. Literally in his mouth.

Oh. Yes. Her pussy juices all over his chin. He got quite a bit in his mouth and she was like honey that some of it would come on his chin.

This was bliss.

"Michael I love you."


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