Friday, 6 November 2009

"No one wants to see a round woman."

Right. But they exist. Still, short of getting a shot gun and sticking it the majority of the human race, there's really not much you can do about it.

So what you can do is create an elite world where only certain types of beautiful..I'll be very frank here..the very skinny people can be on a catwalk. See no other beauty exists. A woman must be so and so tall and so and so thin. Because if she wasn't, who knows you could get a round woman having the time of her life and then she would be happy and you would be..oh would be totally fucking jealous.

See here's the thing. If you Fashion World are going to call women who don't want to see very skinny women jealous, these women are calling you jealous too. And that my friends is progress. A never ending roundabout of abuse and shit. All because we can not evolve.

I still fail to understand to this day why it there are not more so called plus size models. And my God wouldn't you like totally die of shock if you saw a petite plus size model on the runway. Unthinkable! That woman isn't beautiful, get her off! Have her blend in. We do not want any positive attention on her because we don't believe it would be positive because it initally probably wouldn't because there are so may friggin stereotypes in this elitist, stupid, arrogant, money hungry, power greedy world!!


And don't even start on some models not being anorexic. Please you don't get to the state we have seen some in without trying.
And are you shitting me, since that heinous crime to humanity that infamous photoshopped ad, THIS is where we have got to...

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