Friday, 22 January 2010

Weight and sex- this time it's men's turn.

You could use the phrase double standards. But in a blog post I hope is broadminded I don't want to start of with a cliche. A cliche whilst having an element of truth can be narrowminded. I also don't really want to talk about double standards between men and women because the state affairs are in, I would much rather do something about that. I feel many people have talked about this far more articulately and widely than I could in one blog post.

I'll get straight to the point; would you have sex with someone who would be classed as overweight or obese? When women put on weight, some of it helps to accentuate the differences between a man and woman especially in bed; hard (to an extent) and soft. Then there's extra flesh on tits and ass being something some men like to hold onto so it can be sexier.

I despise the term real woman. Or real man. I think what is really meant is realistic. Because unless you work out everyday, you are man or woman going to be just a tad soft somewhere. So whilst i heard some women refer to a man with Russell Crowe's build after Gladiator as big and cuddly..and same reference to say Vince Vaughn, I haven't heard say Danny DeVito being referred to in the same way. He's cuddly but he's short. Some men like shortness in women; cute, more feminine, are two words I have heard (they're not my words) with regards to short women but short men? So say there's a short overweight or obese guy..would you ever wish you were being fucked or made love to by a taller guy? And why? And is he thinnr in your fantasies?

And why do common (?) fantasies feature some hard body resembling guy? I actually don't drool ..okay really you want to hit me..over the stereotypical male model guys. I'm very much a mannerisms and face woman. Not even the eyes, just a twist of the mouth. So I never found erotica featuring a guy who's hard everywhere..seriously ladies come on, that's just mean poor guy would have to be in the gym 2 hours everyday!..a turn on in itself. They talk about persona. A body to match the persona? Come on! BUT if that is what turns you on, what are your thoughts about this?

I welcome all opinions on this and any post on my blog. I get passionate but I promise death threats will be saved for people who call me names!


  1. I can honestly say that I've never had a desire to make love to a short, fat man. Not even Danny DeVito. :-)

    However, I do love short, curvy women. ;-)

  2. Hehe Richard, are you sure? Just kidding!

    I know, its cool you do!