Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Madonna, Sex and the City versus the women who don't.

I was watching Sex and the City last night. I like the show. I like it for the friendships and talk and the fact it raises questions and issues and more importantly it raises the bar for honesty. However, in the episode I watched Samantha (the blonde) meet a guy who is very very well endowed to the extent women do not want to go near his.. him. His cock is massive but they don't show it. They'd probably show a woman's abnormal boob though. And by abnormal I mean that literally as in not normal, not as in repulsive or in any other critical way. I was like okay, whatever, brush that thought aside, let's just watch. Then I was laughing at how she has to have a cigarette when he's easing his way into her and they're both breathing like you would when giving birth, Kim Cattrall has a great onscreen sense of humour, and ..well it's just too big. Poor guy. I was disappointed with it being Samantha that she didn't as Samantha tends to do grab an oppurtunity with both hands. You know give him a blow job. I mean think about it, the biggest dick she's ever had, the poor guy hasn't had sex in a long time judging by his weary look (man, that was funny) so it's something I would do and I'm not as forward as Samantha or even Carrie or Miranda. I beat Charlotte though (hehe but who doesn't) - joke.

And then today I was thinking about Madonna. This so called sexual icon. Famed for her atttitude and quite frankly balls. What happened to them? I mean yeah it was an act. I figured that out when she was insulting Letterman during her earlier career but I think all non conformists eventually conform. Rebellious actors eventually win that Oscar after a campaign on their side, I dont buy the bullshit they dont campaign for themselves, and bohemians and eventually sell out. Free spirits are trapped in some way and sometimes are never happy. So what are you rebelling against? What happened to sexual progression? Have we evolved even as human beings not just in sex but in our minds? Does everyone have to buy into something even if they do not want to and shut up or end up becoming very depressed or taking their own lives? At least it's best to be honest. And unafraid and I'm not so sure about people who say they are not afraid- i see fear in the way they defend themselves or their opinion. I'm on the fence on some stuff and I'm not afraid to admit that. "Admit"..like it's a crime. Say, I mean.

I don't want to become cynical, weary and old in my heart. Tradionalists are actually the kind of people I look up to.

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