Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Photos I love. This is how I want Scott fucking in my book, Detective Stevens fucking Mel & Ed Dalton fucking me in my Daybreakers fanfic.

And now a book which I love,

“One day soon, I'm gonna fuck you without a condom. I want to feel your walls around me with nothing between us. I want to feel your ass tighten around me with smothering heat.”
She whimpered, nodded her agreement, and spread her legs as far as the snow pants would allow. He slid inside her sex in one smooth stroke. He didn't bother going slow, and she was glad of that. No, he pumped her hard, one hand holding on to her shoulder, and the other stroking the flesh of her ass cheeks.
“Bend over, and hold on to the cushions tight.”
She did as he told her, lifting up on her toes and leaning down, grabbing the cushions in her fists. One hand slid around her hip to the front of her body, his finger coming to rest against her clit, teasing the little button. She gasped. In midbreath, she felt him slide a slick finger slowly into her ass.
“Breathe. That's all you need to do. Breathe. God, you are so fucking tight.”

Lissa Matthews. Sugar Rush. Available from Loose id.


  1. Oh My God! Wow! I wrote that? LOL...Damn.

    I'm glad you liked it so much! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. You are welcome! I LOVED it. And thank you for writing it!