Saturday, 23 January 2010

Look deeper.

Her name is Violet and I'm not jealous of her, I am her. On the cover of the story book she looks like Megan Fox and when she asks her male friend to meet a girl friend of hers, he says no to the sweet looking girl. He wants Violent only. He says she is beautiful to any red blooded man. He wants to dominate her. Fuck her even if she says no. Spank her. He knows what she really wants and she has feline eyes and sharp teeth that are big and pointy. I don't. But I want to be fucked and spanked. I'm not jealous of her because I am her inside and my short, plump lips will be betters than hers because the fit will be tighter. And my deepset eyes don't give away as many secrets as hers. It's funny how a book that you think you will hate has the most provocative dialogue and hero and is so on your level.


  1. Sounds interesting. ;-)

    By the way, I personally don't find Megan Fox to be all that hot. I'm not saying I wouldn't fuck her if she walked into the room, stripped her clothes off, spread her legs and said "fuck me Rick!" I certainly would. But she's awfully skinny and her ass is flat as a fucking pancake. I like my women a bit more curvy. Think Salma Hayek. ;-)

  2. To me what the Fox persona represents which the heroine of the book reminded me of and also her picture is the woman who men look at when she walks into a bar. To have that sexuality..not easy sexuality but just a fuck me type quality is something that I wonder about. Its foreign to me. But I feel it all inside. And it comes out when Im with someone. Salma Hayek would also be that kind of woman, more mysterious than Fox and certainly more intelligent and classy but nevertheless the hot sexy woman men want.