Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Daybreakers. Fanfic.

"Anyone can be human. It's possible. We have discovered a cure. But.. they only have to want to be human."

I was working under Edward Dalton. It was my first day at work and not being particularly talkative and feeling uneasy, creepy and shy, I ignored as best as I could Dalton's penetrating eyes. I was introduced to all the staff in the Haemotology department where Dalton was chief. It wasn't his magnificent reputation for his work or the fact he had sacrificed his immortality and risked his vampire life to become a mere human again, it was purely for my own sense of humour that I decided to take a job here. I was to be working in administration but Haemotology was a tight department. Everyone knew everyone else very well - professionally speaking. Even the uneasiness I felt which stemmed from that, did not make me lose sight of my idiotic behaviour. You see I'm anaemic. I have lost so much blood in the past that even with transfusions I remain bitterly cold, have ice cold finger tips and white, white nails with no pink. After one of my transfusions where I was allowed to go home, my parents threw a party and invited the Haemotolgist where they told me to thank him for his work. It's something I would rather and have forgotten but after years of not knowing what I wanted to do or be when I grew up I decided to apply to Haemotology. I was good with filing and taking orders. I may as well have some fun whilst doing so.

It wasn't so much fun now. I wanted him to look away. I was embarassing and he was obviously not. When I looked at him he turned away and I wanted to puke my guts out right then and there on him.

I took relief in the fact that Audrey had not turned up to visit him. Yes they were quite the couple I learned from Google 2019. I was sure she was busy with saving the world, something I admired her for but their golden friendship would have only added sting to my nauseous state.

Of course it's not like I loved him or anything hideous of the sort.

I was too busy anyway with fending off mine and everyone else's demons and monsters to be stuck in an imaginary love triangle.

Trying to keep my bile in, I turned to ask one of the nurses if I could leave the room.

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