Thursday, 14 January 2010

The truth.

I know there's a lot of bullshit about.I know people say there's a lot of bullshit about on the internet. But for me it's always been hands on the number one place to get information. I never realised I could make good friends on here though. And I have.

One friend whom I really hope to meet one day gave me wonderful information about sex toys. Now can you imagine going up to your circle of friends and saying oh what sex toy do you use? Okay since programs like Sex and The City it's no longer a taboo to consider your own dare I say a woman's satisfaction with or without a man. However since my friends and I are not even in the same town as each other anymore and have lost contact, talking about sex is not possible. And I like to talk about sex. Before, at school it was a godamn competition. People were so patronising. I pity anyone who got !exposed! as a virgin or worse a !slut! I think the first is beautiful and the second can be during sex.

This will be my first sex toy. I always thought it freaky to stick a piece of plastic there but I want achieve- I'll be blunt here- more than clit stimulation during masturbation. I want it all. Could I get anal too; this is where I start my journey!

So this fantastic person recomended me a website. And it's not Ann Summers. (So typically British it's not British or is it? Are we really so behind? Yes I think we are behind.) Omg, that's a load of SHIT compared to this. The website and what I brought I won't say just yet until I have received my product. And used it to my satisfaction.

I am excited. For me it's a step forward. Knowing I can learn more about my sexuality in terms of myself, what I like (to be honest I can see myself "liking" the whole damn lot; you name it even foot fetishes, golden showers and yucky stuff I actually think okay let's go there- what's it got to do with sex toys? I like to ramble). So to be able to practice in pleasing myself and using my fantasies as role plays and situations where I'm not just in bed pleasing myself is good. Tmi? Honey this is expressyourkink.

One thing I may draw the line is the whole farting thing during sex as a means of giving and getting pleasure. We're all human but I have always find farting in general gross ; in my mind it's one step closer to taking a dump in public and that doesn't even go to the so horrfic you have to try it level.

So really how do I close the post after this? I was going to say I want to always be able to find the truth. And in focusing on what I want and what I can give, I further and further lose interest in really stupid things like the Dail Mail (totally sensationlist) and silly little boys for men and bitchy women. And the truth is more so available on the Internet than other places. And here's to evolving and finding your truth. However the jump to this from well, turd, or what could be the lack of jump to the great journalists and discriminating bloggers out there, is not really working so there's no official way to close this post up.


  1. 思想與理論,貴呼先於行動,但行動較思想或理論更高貴........................................

  2. Hey, if that's an opinion, welcome. I can't get a translation for it right now. If that's an insult you can fuck right off and I'll stalk you and make your life miserable laugh all you want fuck face, yours truly the bitch who's going to kill you.

  3. Did you ever get your toy? How's it working out? ;-)

    By the way, according to IM Translator, the Chinese stuff says "Ideas and theories, call ahead of your actions, but there is more noble than the ideas or theories."