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It's such a broad topic. It means different things to different submissives and Dominants but sometimes they can agree on one basis of it. I'm still looking for more non con Erotica about a submissive woman and a Dominant man. I want to read something that I can relate to a little more because whilst I understand the very universal elements of love that is in most Erotica, sometimes I want to read something where the hero and heroine are not in love with each other. And if you're reading this wondering how that could make sense then you're on a completely different wavelength to me. For me, I've never gone looking for love in websites, or for companionship but I am all for someone who does that. Taking charge of your life, choosing your own fate not waiting, is something that I am a big, big fan of. At the same time I also believe in a natural course. I'm not a big fan of ignoring nature or trying to change it, unless it saves someone's life.

Something pushed me into going into BDSM. I read a book and like a lot of readers I couldn't stop thinking about it. It also confirmed what I had been wondering about myself for a year, there is a basic element of my submission that can be summed up in four words, which will remain private to readers, sorry! (I'm sure you'll still be able to sleep at night).

Love..I would like to say it's something that happens naturally. I mean it's a feeling. It's also more than that, it's all these things like patience, kindness, like that line perhaps I heard it from a friend who is Christian, but I completely agree, love is patient, love is kind, it is not selfish. I used to think it was, well it can very well not be.

I understand that in BDSM, love can happen naturally but I also know of people who care for their play partners and even find them appealing and exciting on so many different levels but they're not in love with them..sometimes they're also involved in vanilla relationships. BDSM is so broad and yet in Erotica, it's one theme. Different plots around one theme. Love.

Secretary, a popular BDSM movie,!, was a love story.

I've seen Story of O and The Image (a man gets involved in a BDSM dynamic between a Mistress and her female slave). I liked Story of O for the details into submission and I liked the Image because it was about power play. For me, the movie of The Image, well there are probably people and to be honest this is a pet hate of mine who would say oh he was in love with her. Why? Because that's why he's doing what he is doing. Like love would be the only reason. For me, The Image was more about power play and if love was there, it developed after what we saw in the movie. I know Story of O was about love.

I once read a book that I've mentioned twice before, Story of Zoe. Now when I think about it it's like a gorgeous reference to Story of O because it's about a woman's journey into submission. She becomes submissive to her Professor. At the end of the book, she sees him and he's with another woman. It's almost going in two directions and one is the easiest one take; the reader thinks the Prof is like other men towards Zoe, she's fine as a dirty little secret but not "good enough" to be his girlfriend and the other direction is one I am now going in, we see that Zoe is his sub plain and simple and from the start to the end, that didn't change. Perhaps she wants more, perhaps he played around but also perhaps he wanted to keep his BDSM relationship understandably private. Afterall, it was about his need and hers and so attaining a status of being someone's girlfriend was irrelevant to their relationship. Perhaps he didn't not know what he wanted. Perhaps he actually 100 percent knew what he wanted. Perhaps Zoe was starting to fall in love with him and perhaps he was not starting to fall in love with Zoe.

Then there was a book about a woman who goes to a milk farm and gets used as a cow. She wasn't in love with anyone not because they treated like a cow because like it or not, she wanted to be treated like one, her need was to produce milk and be used as a sexual object and animal for the farmers. There wasn't anything "wrong with her." She could well develop feelings for them or at least one of them. She wasn't any less human than anyone else, she had a kink that's all and the book goes there.

So I would purely and simple to read a tale about submission. It can be a little foreign like the woman who becomes like a cow or it can be more like Zoe, but it doesn't always have to be about mutual love. I believe in love. I also believe in romance. I think romance is in a lot of things. It's romantic to take a walk in Autumn leaves or to see the sun make water shine so brightly it almost blinds you, it's there to different extents, in different ways.

I like Mills and Boon too. But how many M and B books are out there compared to the Story of Zoe, you know. Not all women want a formula.

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