Sunday, 7 November 2010

Just lost the third long part of my story SOLD.

I type on the actual blog because I like it and I normally highlight my text and copy it. Well this time...

I've lost all the juice so I am going to do part three tomorrow. I intend to do one part each day.

This is annoying, even my draft that the blog saved has only got a quarter of what I typed. I tend to type from the gut. Anyway, I went on my blog news and found some juicy pics that may make me muster up a little smile. They are from

I also have a good discussion from Kitty Thomas' blog. It's better now cos I added my two cents, lol.

She talks about power in Dom sub relationships. I've read and heard before that the sub truly has the power. I agreed with her post when she disagrees with that.

I'm not a powerful iron lady day to day and I'm not a pushover day to day, I'm in between, "the woman next door," and the only reason I love the fact that in sex a submissive is powerless, is it's truly sexy to me. It does nothing for my mind, my mind couldn't care less about wrong and right, and rebellion against that, it's my body that reacts.

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