Sunday, 14 November 2010


So I was reading an article called Generation Why and it was about the perils, the EVILS of facebook. I have not read one article ESPECIALLY since the movie Social Network came out that isn't normal quite frankly. I go on facebook because it's fun. So is tennis, walking, sex, tea but I like variety in my life. I can go to clubs and bars and I can talk to someone in my building and sometimes I just want to go one one site that allows me to see what other people have to say. It is okay to be curious! And they're not some victim of lack of privacy, they're putting up what they want. They have the option of delete and blocking..and the concept of ignoring. It's true that some people spend too much time on the internet but people spend too much time in bars or out shopping and the Mark Zuckerberg portrayed in Facebook was more comfortable around figures and codes than people and he had issues, there were people like this on imdb gale hansen board (name and shame -laughs) who decided that myself and a few others were superficial and shitty people and they knew better, a little like Mark in the movie.

I met some good friends on the internet. You get a space and time and minimal interruptions. Facebook is one site that allows you to connect with people and limit your profile and privacy as much and little as you want. It's got different functions as well as being a platform and if people want to send me a farmville request, hey guess what I just ignore it. No one is holding a gun to my head, facebook doesn't own me, as much as I enjoy reading conspiracy theories, how I'm just a product, how I've been reduced to such and such, I know that I have not and if you're so vulnerable as to fall "victim" to facebook, unless you've actually despite your best efforts been stalked and hacked, I wonder how you can live life.

Here's the dramatic and paranoid article.

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