Saturday, 13 November 2010

Girls like me.

I know it's awfully lonely to be as special and unique as I am. *grins* However, I would on occasion like to read, yes that word again, about a girl more like me. It's nice to create something yourself but I never fit any heroines that I've read about even in books I adore. I once came across a secondary character in a book that was a little like me and I couldn't care less that she was secondary or that the hero stuck his nose up at her, she was there. I am what you would call weird. I don't mean weird in an endearing way. I piss people off unintentionally and intentionally too when they're super lucky. I'm not talkative unless I really let go but mostly I say what I need to in five minutes, stat, and I'm not an outwardly fun loving girl. I don't think many people fit into a category but I have had people say that they can't figure me out. Like I've said before, that's not my problem, it's theirs.

I'm what you would call a good girl in many ways but I'm also messy and I say things without thinking at times. I'm also a little bit of show off.

I've been like this forever. People who know me say I haven't changed. I get a few traits of mine from my dad and I will keep on saying this unless proved wrong, it is different for men. He will get a different reaction for the same facial expression or something else.

I also know what it's like to put down for having extra weight and on the other end to be put down for being petite. I can't relate to heroines with soft creamy curves and neither those with tight midriffs.

Sometimes it's fun to read a book about a wallflower librarian, I like those, but sometimes I want to read about someone who makes quite a few people say, oh I wouldn't have thought that about you, someone who will be judged but never and I mean never, even at the end of the wallflower "phase," understood alas!

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