Friday, 5 November 2010


You may have seen this one before.

I love the concept as a story so I decided to edit what I had written, the original is still on my blog under the older posts.

"Here's what happens. You don't speak till I let you."The man who made the highest bid growled these words into my ear as he dragged me down the steps. His arm was around my waist, I caught some people’s gazes but I didn’t make an effort to smile at them. I was too scared. I nearly toppled down the steps but he caught me. His body was large over mine. Dominant.

My top and skirt were a mess. Someone told me to dress edgy. I didn’t own anything edgy so I turned up in a black skirt and cream sweater. When I got to the auction, this woman looked me up and down, sniffed and handed me a very short black skirt. I was told to discard my sweater, wear the thigh skimming short skirt and wrap my scarf around by breasts.

"What were you doing here?” My “buyer” asked me. Our eyes met for the first time as he opened the car door for me. I had a reason but I focused on getting in the passenger seat.

So, I found this place where women are sold off at an auction. Like slavery. And I willingly signed up. I purposely looked for such a place. You were here too.

I didn‘t say this, instead I kept my mouth shut as he started the engine and we drove away from the building. From the outside, it looked like a warehouse. Inside, there was a stage for prospective slaves, lit well and I could even see every face in the audience.

The drive was quiet, the engine a low noise. I had a thing about always being comfortable in cars. I felt safe. Contained. When my buyer pulled into a driveway, I could feel my heart beat pick up. I waited for him to open my door from the outside. As I got out, I felt the cold air hit my face and trepidation fill my body.


I walked behind him, following him to the main door. He made a motion for me to go in first. I walked into the dark and he turned on the light. He told me to take my shoes off and pointed to a sitting area.
I waited for him to say something but he just sat on the couch watching me. The room was dark and there was only the light from the hallway.

“Kneel here.” He said softly. Patting the ground with his foot.

I didn’t understand but I did it. When I did, he asked me "What would you have done tonight?"

I really didn’t know what to say.

"You acted like a whore."

"Yes." I finally said. "I wanted to be bought."

"You don't mind if a random guy sucks your breasts?"

I started to become aroused at the sucking, breasts part, I loved getting my nipples being sucked. But I just looked at his face.

I was breathing quite heavily then. I was sweating.

"Some men are into rough sex. Do you understand what I am saying?"

I nodded my head yes, looking at his feet.

Maybe I liked it rough. Or maybe I wanted to be forced to like it.

“I didn’t want to wait for some man to admit he has a crush on me. I wanted to do something about I have taken some precautions. Safety, hygiene.” And I had those precautions with me.

He got up from the couch. I just kept on kneeling. I could see out the corner of my eye, that he was standing there, perhaps looking at me, perhaps looking at my body. But I wasn’t embarrassed, far from it. My bottom must have been sticking out my skirt, I had pins and needles in my feet, my breasts were still tied up in the scarf only because someone else did it. I could feel my nipples poke through. I had no under wear on, I never had no underwear on, when I took my panties off I sometimes saw cream from my cunt and I smelled it.

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